Interview With PLUS Editorial Model, Anabelle Ursulet

Born and raised in Paris, France, plus Model Anabelle Ursulet was discovered as she walked in the street one day.

Her beauty is undeniable but it’s the genuine love for who she is and whom she represents that sets her apart.

[Maddy] How did you become interested in plus size modeling? How long have you been modeling?

[Anabelle] I have been modeling for 5 1/2 years. I have always been a curvy girl and fell into the industry by accident. One day I was walking down the street and a Swedish stylist, who was finishing a casting, happened to see me and that is how it all began.

[Maddy] Where have our readers seen you before?

[Anabelle] Your readers may recognize me from the Ligne Roset campaign I did with Christian Kettiger, or if they are familiar with the International plus size mark Giani Forte – I’m a featured model.

[Maddy] What do you love most about modeling?

[Anabelle] I’m happy to be in the industry as I feel it is important to show that not only thin women are beautiful. I also love having my hair and makeup done and how great it feels to be transformed.

[Maddy] You are in excellent shape. What type of exercise regimen do you follow?

[Anabelle] Thank you for the nice compliment! Both of my parents are dancers and I have a great passion for African dance, which I do generally at least two times a week for a number of hours. But I’m fortunate to be born with a shapely body.

[Maddy] Your hair is absolutely beautiful. Have you always kept your hair long and how do you keep it healthy?

[Anabelle] When I was young I loved to play hairdresser, so it was always rather short until I was 9 years old, when I screwed up and had to have a very short haircut, after which people mistook me for a boy!

Since then I have a phobia of hairdressers so it’s only my Mom who I let trim my hair. I don’t have any special health regime for my hair other then using Dark & Lovely oil on it from time to time.

[Maddy] What are your goals besides plus modeling?

[Anabelle] Currently, I am attending University majoring in Political Sociology with the intention of continuing my education by attending school for journalism.

[Maddy] We watched you in Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance in Paris. Tell me about the experience of being involved in the show.

[Anabelle] I was happy to see that a program existed which showed women of size in a very positive light. I enjoyed being on television as it was a change from doing magazines and runway. With television I feel it is more natural then posed photos etc. I like doing both, but it was nice to have a change of pace.

[Maddy] What do you think the message of Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance is?

[Anabelle] I think that the message is the show is this… if you accept yourself then you are beautiful, and of course if you take care of your appearance with hair and makeup then you are all the more beautiful.

[Maddy] Who are your favorite designers and why?

[Anabelle]  In fact, I like Jean Paul Gauthier. He is a revolutionary figure in fashion because he is never limited by the stereotypes of fashion and is unafraid to take risks. Other then that, I do not have any favorite designers because I like to create my own style, which is diverse depending on my mood.

[Maddy] Would you ever consider bringing your modeling career to the “States”?

[Anabelle] As I have been concentrating on my education, I have not looked into the possibility of a career in modeling abroad as yet, but I am very open and excited by new opportunities.

[Maddy] What advice do you have for aspiring plus size models?

[Anabelle] My advice is to take a chance and get out there, have confidence in yourself and make intelligent choices, do not take everything thrown your way, but look into the choices that are made available with a discerning eye.

Thanks so much, it’s a real pleasure to be included in PLUS Model Magazine!   Carpe Diem!

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5’10, 42C/37/49, US equivalent is about a 12/14

Photo Credit: Velvet D’Amour