Modeling Scams, PLUS Speaks Out…

Well ladies… I had not planned on writing a monthly column on modeling scams, but with the wake of what has been happening on the net, unfortunately, there seems to be a lot to report!

Over this past month, we were instrumental in having a scammer shut down on a website only to find that he has many hiding places!  We have heard from numerous women advising that this scam artist is still alive and well and preying on unsuspecting victims set on making their dreams come true! Shut out of one site on the net, he is still haunting the likes of, yahoo forums,,, tagged.comand others. He is claiming to be looking for models for paid assignments in the UK and advises women that he produces PLUS Model magazine.

If you have been contacted in any capacity by:

Larry Paul
Jerry  Johnson
Juan Maclain
John Jades
And in an unrelated scam, also watch for the name Freddo Gilbert

Please contact us immediately!

How can you avoid these scam artists?

  • You must be diligent
  • You must check references
  • You must look at the language and writing skills of someone claiming to be a ‘Real company’!
  • You must not get caught up in the vanity of their offer. Instead be a strong businesswoman who only chooses to align herself with the truth by checking the validity of these offers. If you do even a bit of checking you will more than likely find out that what you are engaged in is a scam!

In our business, if it looks to good to be true, it is!