Am I Too Old to Be a Plus Model?

Am I Too Old to Be a Plus Model?

In this month’s issue, aspiring plus model Jeanette asks… I am over 35 years of age, but would like to try modeling. Am I too old?

The best thing about being a plus size model is that there is no real shelf life. Haute couture wants girls to look like they are 14, but we’re not talking about haute couture here; we are talking about real women and doing plus-fashion and commercial print.

There are trade newspapers and magazines that have casting calls. Last month I saw a casting for mature female models ages 35-45 with no size requirement. A lot of these trade papers have casting notices for actors, singers, dancers, etc. There may not be a lot of castings for models, but when the castings are there you can take advantage of them. Look for Backstage East or West, Variety,, etc. There are on-line resources as well, just don’t pay a heavy fee if you don’t know they will deliver. Most on-line casting websites will let you take a “test drive” to see if you can find postings that apply to you and your location. Take advantage and see what notices you see within a week, two weeks, etc. You will also being doing your research as an aspiring model, and this is the first step to creating your own business as a model.

Happy Hunting!!