Plus Model Catherine Mimbimi is Not Just a Pretty Face

Plus Model Catherine Mimbimi is Not Just a Pretty Face

Most of us would never guess that this working model is also a mother, wife and a college graduate. Her beautiful smile is inviting and today we invite you to get to know a little more about this natural beauty.

[Maddy] Where were you born and raised?

[Catherine] I was born in Cameroon, in West Africa. My parents met in the Peace Corps and had my brother and I there. We came to the United States when I was 4 and he was 3, after they separated.

[Maddy] Were you a curvy girl growing up?

[Catherine] I was thin until the age of 10, the puberty hit. I wasn’t overweight, but I was curvy and I was always an athlete. I played volleyball, basketball and I was a high jumper on the track team. I was always competitive when it came to sports, when I’m working out I try to focus on being strong and challenging myself personally.

[Maddy] As a mother and model what advice can you give to young impressionable teens that are not comfortable with their bodies?

[Catherine] I know it may sound cliché, but if you are comfortable with yourself, that will reflect in your personality and how people perceive you. Sexy and confidence are a state of mind, let it exude from you. If it takes you getting in front of a mirror and telling yourself that you’re fabulous to make you believe it- do it!

[Maddy] How did you begin your modeling career?

[Catherine] In the late 90’s, someone suggested that I send my picture’s to a local modeling agency in Michigan; I decided that if I was going to send my picture’s into a modeling agency, it was going to be Ford New York. Four days after mailing the photo’s, I received a call from Patty, who ran the Plus division at the time and she told me to get to New York ASAP. I met with her and she liked me, she suggested that I move to New York immediately, but honestly, I was too intimidated by New York, so she made some calls and I started out in the Chicago market. I am currently with Click in New York City and Ford in Chicago and Miami.

[Maddy] Where have we seen you before?

[Catherine] I have worked for Kohl’s, JC Penney, K-Mart, Meijer, Just My Size, Macy’s, Monroe & Main, Figure Magazine, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Liz Claiborne to name a few.

[Maddy] What has been your most memorable modeling job to date?

[Catherine] I guess that it would have to be the Oprah Winfrey Show, she is probably the woman that I admire most in the world and I was the only girl that she came up to and actually interacted with during the show. All the other models knew that I was on the verge of losing it at any moment. I was a professional, but I was actually screaming in my head!

[Maddy] How did you develop your modeling skills?

[Catherine] I still am, I think! I think it’s really important to get in front of a mirror and practice your angles and body movement. I’ve also taken runway classes through my agency.
I think that working consistently really helps a lot too, you get a good feel from the photographer on what’s working and what isn’t.

[Maddy] In your opinion, how important is testing to the development of a model?

[Catherine] I personally feel that it’s extremely important for me. I don’t live in New York City, so I’m not working on a weekly basis. I like to test at least 2 times a year so I can freshen up the looks in my book, but as I mentioned before, it’s a great way to get feedback from a photographer on what you’re doing well.

[Maddy] What is in the future for Catherine?

[Catherine] Honestly, my next personal goal is a billboard in Times Square! But in the mean time, I’m just trying to be a positive, loving human being.

Get to Know Catherine…

If I was not a model I would be… An Entrepreneur!

My favorite hobby is… Cooking, Reading and Traveling!

Chocolate or Vanilla… Vanilla

My Favorite designer is… I adore Abby Z as a person and a designer – her energy is infectious; I really like Jessica Svoboda’s clothing, it has a great fit and contemporary flare.

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Photo Credit: Scott Teitler