The Model Bag

The Model Bag

Marne asks, “What should a professional plus-size model bring to her jobs and go-sees?”

First of all, Happy New Year! This is the year you will book more jobs and create more opportunities for your modeling career!  Now, on to your question… One must always be prepared and bring the basic necessities to each booking and/or go-see. The following is the bare minimum that has helped me out in so many situations… even when the client mentioned not to bring anything it helped in emergencies.

The Model Bag:
-Nude colored bra
-Strapless bra
-Nude colored panty esp. a thong
-Spanx or Spanx-like stocking, either the pant version (waist to calf) or short (waist to knee).
-Pair of nude colored pantyhose
-Pair of black-strappy heels (heel portion must be thin for photographs, no wedges or thick heels)
-Lotion for body (ashy skin does not photograph well!)
-Safety pins
-Bobby pins

If the client asks you to be ‘hair and makeup ready’ it is your responsibility to show up done and ready to be photographed the moment you arrive at the studio. Otherwise, show up with clean hair that has no product in it and your face bare with your everyday moisturizer. Your brows should already be groomed. And remember, NO nail polish!

Prepare your bag and go forth to conquer the modeling world!!