An Interview with Emmy Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist Lavette Slater

An Interview with Emmy Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist Lavette Slater…

The February issue brought a team of professionals to make the cover and editorial one of the sexiest to date. We all know that without a fabulous makeup artist and hairstylist your team is not complete. In this issue we bring you Emmy Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist Lavette Slater.

Lavette is Supervisor and key Hairstylist On the Hit T.V. show “The View” and today we bring this multi talented woman to you.

[Maddy] Tell me a little about yourself and at what point in your life did you realize you were drawn to a career in beauty?

[Lavette] I am a licensed cosmetologist. I didn’t really know that I would take on beauty as my career but I always liked hair and makeup. I would find myself styling most of my family’s hair and clothes when I was younger. Even in my high school years I would always advise my friends on how to wear their hair and clothes for the night if we were going out.

[Maddy] How long have you been a makeup artist and hair stylist?

[Lavette] I have been a hair and makeup artist for over 15 years starting when I was in my teens. I started out as a hair stylist, then I ventured into specialty hair projects, color, weaving, hairpieces, wigs, cuts anything you can think of as far as hair I’ve done. I always liked to go to the next level or phase, so I got into makeup.

[Maddy] Every makeup artist I have worked with has their favorite brands. What are yours and why?

[Lavette] I use Mac, Iman, black Opal, Kett airbrush makeup and Revlon. As for my favorite hair products I would say I love volumizing (anything) and leave-in conditioners. I use Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Kerastase and Optimum hair care products. I also love hot rollers and Velcro rollers (Velcro only for some hair types).

[Maddy] What do you believe makes you unique as a makeup artist?

[Lavette] I always liked trying different techniques so I started using the airbrush machine. With trial and error and troubleshooting (lol), I became a pro. I use the airbrush for tanning, tattooing, and contouring. I love using the airbrush machine.
It can be very light weight if you want it to be.

[Maddy] Models are often asked to bring makeup to a test shoot so the shoot can go on if the makeup artist is unable to make it. What should that makeup bag include in order for model to be able to apply “picture ready”‘ makeup?

[Lavette] I would say bring hot rollers, Big and Sexy Hairspray, Studiofix pressed powder by Mac, Revlon Colorstay liquid makeup, dark-brown eye liner, black eye liner, Dior mascara thick lash, pinkish orangey blush and pinkish clear lip gloss.

[Maddy] Who is your favorite makeup artist and why?

[Lavette] Samfine has a signature look that can’t be duplicated. I like the way he brings out the natural beauty in his clients. I also love the way he makes women of age look so youthful. He was the first one that I ever saw lighten the eyebrows. Also I know him personally and I think he has a down to earth funny personality.

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Photography by: Debas Photography