Interview With Plus Fashion Designer Veronica Lipscomb,

I first met Veronica Lipscomb at the Divabetic Event in NYC earlier this year.

Her designs, TruDiva By Veronica L, were one of several at the Fashion Show and I was in awe of the designs and how well they fit the models. When I met Veronica I was excited to meet such a passionate woman. After speaking with her in depth I knew I had met the designer I would love to feature in our very first Directory Editorial Shoot.

[Maddy] Thank you for participating in our very first PLUS Model Magazine Directory shoot. Tell me about the clothing that the models are wearing on the shoot?

[Veronica] The models are wearing some of my pieces from my ready to wear clothing line. These dresses can be worn day or evening. Some of the pieces can take you from the office to a night out with friends.

[Maddy] Summarize for us what your clothing line brings to the plus size woman?

[Veronica] My clothing line brings to the plus size women sex appeal, confidence. This will enable a woman to walk in a room with head held high showing the inner diva within.

[Maddy] When did you decide to become a designer?

[Veronica] I decided to become a designer several years ago. I was frustrated with the clothes for plus size that they had in stores, so I started designing and making my own clothes. I always had a passion for fashion. My girlfriend gave me few pointers and I was on my way. I was getting so many compliments from my designs that I was encouraged to start making garments for other people. My motto is, “If you look good you feel good about yourself.”

[Maddy] What inspires you when you are creating a garment?

[Veronica] When creating a garment the first thing that inspires me the most is the fabric. I like bold prints, colors, and textures.

[Maddy] Many plus size women have difficult time choosing clothing that is truly flattering to their bodies. What is your advice?

[Veronica] My advice to women when choosing clothes would be to first start with a good, supportive, under garment foundations. This goes for a size 2 or 22; does not matter the size. When you decide to go shopping wear your foundation as it really makes a difference in how the garment looks on you. Try to take time to try the garment on in the store. Without foundation you take a garment from Fab to Drab. Trust me, this not the look a Diva wants to have.

[Maddy] What advice do you have for aspiring designers?

[Veronica] My advice I have for an aspiring designer would be to never give up on your dream. If you have a passion for fashion it never too late to reposition yourself. You must have faith in yourself and believe that this is what you want to do. Then kick the dust off your heels and go for it. The sky is the limit but you must reach for it. But most importantly never allow society to dictate to you what you can or can not do. DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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