10 Tips for Bridal Modeling by Guest Author Chamein Canton

10 Tips for Bridal Modeling

by Guest Author Chamein Canton

When looking for the best advice for plus bridal modeling, we turned to THE expert in the curvy industry, Chamein Canton, author of Down That Aisle in Style!: A Wedding Guide for the Full-figured Woman.  Chamein is a frequent guest on the top talk shows including, ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC’s Good Morning New York, NBC’s Today in New York and Entertainment Tonight’s The Insider, to name a few. As she frequently hires plus models for segments, she knows exactly what it takes to be successful!

Chamein Shares…

1. When there’s a call for bridal models make sure you send full body shots. Although it seems elementary I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received headshots and partial body shots. If you don’t have one a digital picture will do in a pinch.

2. Even if it’s listed on your comp cards make sure you provide your correct and most up to date measurements. This is particularly important for bridal gowns. A couple of inches up or down makes a big difference in the gown sizes we pull for you.

3. Ask what styles of gowns you’ll be modeling so you can bring the right foundation wear with you.

4. Inquire if you need to bring your own accessories (necklaces, earrings etc.) or if they are needed at all.

5. Bridal  runway shows have someone for hair and makeup. However if you’re called to do a televised bridal segment, hair and makeup isn’t provided. So you’ll need to bring and do your own makeup. Your makeup should be clean and elegant, you’ll look radiant and show off the gown in its best light.

6. If there won’t be a hairstylist inquire if you’re modeling with or without a veil. Usually runway shows and television wedding segments don’t use veils. Either way keep your hairstyle simple. In this case less is more.

7. Bring bridal shoes just in case. Especially for televised bridal segments since there’s a chance they won’t be provided.

8. Be wary of makeup getting on the gown once you’re in it. Naturally there will be some transferrence but do you’re best to keep it to a minimum. The stylist and/or designer will be most appreciative.

9. Be on time or even early. Although every effort is made to get gowns in your size, most gowns will run a little big which means it will take time to carefully conceal clips and pins for a better fit.

10. Whether you’re married, engaged or single yourself have fun! Bridal gown modeling is joyous. Have a blast.

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Plus Model: Courtney Lundin, For bookings contact

DLo Brown

Hair & Makeup: Fatima V

Styling: F.Y.N.

Fashion: Courtney is wearing a David’s Bridal strapless ruched empire soft organza narrow A-line with goddess bodice and center brooch. (Style: 9T9389)