Am I Too Old to Model?

Am I Too Old to Model?

This Month’s Question…I’m 32 years old and want to be a plus-size model. Am I too old to pursue my dream?

The great thing about being a plus size model is that we have a longer shelf life than straight sized models.

I would submit to smaller agencies who tend to be more open minded about models past the age of 25. Most of the big top agencies like to get models young so they can mold them. However, a model acquaintance of mine at 35 just signed with one of the top agencies. She’s been modeling for years and was able to bring them experience and clients, so she was able to break the mold.

There is less work for women who look older, but there is work. Take good care of yourself… I’ve met 32 year olds who look 22 and 22 year olds who look 32. It is all how you present yourself and don’t let anything stop you! Know what you look good in and if you look great in swimwear and lingerie then make sure you have pics to prove it. If you know swimwear and lingerie are not your strong points then go with categories you could actually be hired for.

Also, when asked, you don’t have to tell your age… instead use an age range. When asked your age you can say you get cast for women age 25-30. If you really look it then no one is the wiser.