Model Poise and Runway Walking

Model Poise and Runway Walking…

This Month’s Question…I went to meet an agent and they spoke to me about poise and walking. What does this mean and what can I do to achieve the requirements?

This is an important question because I’ve assisted in workshops at my agency to help models do their walk better for auditions, go sees, and runway work. Your stride is a very important part of your entire presentation since it is said that the people hiring have made their decision in the first 3 seconds of seeing you. Your walk will show potential clients your confidence, and grace. So, when you enter the room you need to be light on your feet… no matter your size.

A lot of models accidentally walk in with their heads down, stomp into a room, or walk with a bounce that is not needed or flattering. One should glide into the room full of life and be happy to be there. I know this sounds so cliché and 1950’s, but it still holds true today. When you move great, you look great, and that helps the client trust you to make their product look great.

One of the best ways to correct your walk is to see how you are walking. Get a video camera or even your web cam and set it up to where you walk into a room and look directly into the lens. Also, take video of you walking in a straight line to see if you are slouching, jiggling, or too heavy on your feet. One thing I learned that helps, especially in high-heels, is to think of walking ball to heel instead of heel to ball like we walk in our normal lives. This helps to maintain smoothness or gliding when walking.