Meet Cover Model Ivory May

Meet PLUS Cover Model Ivory May…

There is no doubt that Ivory is a stunning beauty – but as we all know just being pretty does not guarantee a good model. Her talents as a plus model have brought her a great career, and she has been seen in numerous campaigns and ads over the last seven years. Most recently Ivory was cast as one of very few plus size models on Oxygen Network’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show! Read about Ivory’s experience and don’t forget to watch the show (airing later in the season) where PLUS Model Magazine chose Ivory for the September issue.

[Maddy] Can you tell us a little about yourself?

[Ivory] I’m originally from Hilo, Hawaii.  I think my interest in modeling began when I was about 9 and, while visiting my grandparents on summer break, an agency in Chicago was interested in representing me.  Unfortunately, the plan was foiled because I couldn’t take the train into the city by myself. But from that day forward I always knew I would model at some point.

[Maddy] You attended the casting for the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency tell me about the experience. What was your initial impression of Janice?

[Ivory] I’ve been “homies” with Janice for a few years so once I heard she was casting plus size models I figured I would do her a favor and show up.  The casting was pretty routine… we just walked in, posed for a few quick pictures, Janice told us how beautiful we were and that was pretty much it.

[Maddy] Have you ever watched the JDMA show on Oxygen before?

[Ivory] Yes, I had seen a few episodes from each of the previous seasons.

[Maddy] Were you anxious about being represented by an agency that did not have any prior experience with plus models?

[Ivory] I never get anxious.  I was pretty sure Janice would be clueless about representing plus size but I was excited at the prospect.

[Maddy] How were the models chosen to live in the house with Janice?

[Ivory] I have no idea…there was some story about Nathan having something to do with the decision but who knows!

[Maddy] How did you feel when you were chosen to live in the house? Did you feel any better knowing that you would have another plus model along with you?

[Ivory] I really jelled with Amber, one of the other plus-size models, so once we heard we were moving in we were psyched… we considered it like going off to camp, only way more glamorous!

[Maddy] What were some of the challenges you faced living in the house with other models and Janice?

[Ivory] Trying to be as drama-rific as everyone else.

[Maddy] How did you feel about having cameras follow you all of the time?

[Ivory] I loved it…. I’ve never met a camera I didn’t like.  I grew up around cameras so that was as comfortable as could be.

[Maddy] When PLUS Model Magazine came to the agency to choose models for our September issue how was it presented to you and was the cover something you wanted to get.

[Ivory] We were told we had a casting for PLUS Model Magazine and immediately I knew I’d book it. It wasn’t until later that I found out I had booked the cover and I was like “DAMN- that’s tight!”

[Maddy] Tell me about the shoot and your experience working with the PLUS Model Magazine LA team.

[Ivory] The studio was incredible.  The hair and make-up immaculate.  And the photographer rocked it out.  The shoot was an absolute success.

[Maddy] Janice Dickinson was not convinced that Plus Models should be in her agency – they are not ‘Fashion’ in her eyes. How did you feel about that?

[Ivory] She’s a fool if she thinks that plus models shouldn’t be included in her agency…

[Maddy] How did you personally show Janice your worth in the modeling industry?

[Ivory] I was a consummate professional on and off the set as I always am.

[Maddy] Now that the show is over – how do you feel and what has this experience changed your life?

[Ivory] I feel there’s a reason for everything and I’m so happy about the friendships I made on the show.  My life was not dramatically changed but it’s all good.

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Photographer: Stanley Debas