Alana Chandler Shares Her Experience on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show

Alana Chandler first came into our radar when she joined the PLUS Model Magazine Directory.

As an aspiring model we noticed she had a lot of potential and kept our eyes on her. Imagine our pleasant surprise when Alana was one of the models Janice Dickinson had chosen to live in the Model House and was present at the casting for the current season of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show on the Oxygen Network.

Read more about this up and coming model and her experience with PLUS and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show.

[Maddy] Can you give us a little background on yourself? Where are you from and how did you first become interested in the modeling industry?

[Alana] My name is Alana Chandler and I’m from Victorville, Ca.  I first became interested in the modeling industry when I was 16 years old. My older sister was a model.  However, I noticed when I showed up for casting calls with my sister; I was the only curvy girl present.   That’s when I decided that I was going to pursue plus size modeling. I wanted to prove to my sister, and the world that curvy women are just as beautiful as skinny women.

[Maddy] Prior to the PLUS Model Magazine shoot, had you ever been on a professional modeling job before?

[Alana] No.

[Maddy] You attended the casting for the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show,  tell me about the experience. What was your initial impression of Janice?

[Alana] I tried out for Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency 2 times. Season 1, and Season 3. I was rejected both times. Janice did not have a need for plus size models. Until, this Season, Season 4.

[Alana] My initial impression of Janice was that she was a cold-hearted lady that despised plus size women.  However, I was determined to try to prove to Janice that plus size models are just as beautiful as her size 2 models.

[Maddy] Were you anxious about being represented by an agency that did not have any prior experience with plus models?

[Alana] Yes, I was very anxious.  I thought this would be a ground breaking event.  Janice Dickinson, the skinniest women on earth, is finally accepting plus size women as models.

[Maddy] How did you feel when you were chosen to live in the house? Did you feel any better knowing that you would have another plus model along with you?

[Alana] When Janice allowed me to stay in the house, I felt that I was one step closer to my dream. It really didn’t matter that there were other plus size models in the house with me.  I was focused on me!

[Maddy] What were some of the challenges you faced living in the house with other models and Janice?

[Alana] The only challenges I faced living in the house with the other models is making sure I woke up early enough to get Sugar-Free Red Bull. Also, I was not able to sleep well.  I had to keep one eye open when I was sleeping to avoid being apart of the nightly practical jokes.

[Maddy] How did you feel about having cameras follow you all of the time?

[Alana] Cameras following me around all the time… is something I had to get use to. As the show progressed you forget the cameras are even there.  However, there were sometimes when I got frustrated or emotional I wished the cameras would just leave me alone and give me time to gather myself.

[Maddy] When PLUS Model Magazine came to the agency to choose models for our Sept issue how was it presented to you?

[Alana] I was called by the agency, and advised that I had a casting call for Plus Model Magazine.  When I arrived at the casting it was numerous plus size models that Plus Model Magazine had to choose from.  Out of those numerous plus size models I was chosen for the job.

[Maddy] Tell me about the shoot and your experience working with the PLUS Model Magazine LA team.

[Alana] The shoot was my very first professional photo shoot.  It was a very emotional experience. I shed tears of joy.  I was so happy that my dream of being a plus size model was now a reality.  Growing up as a curvy girl my class mates and family made me feel that I was not beautiful, and that I would never be a model.  The fact that I was finally pursuing my dream of being a plus size model was very exciting!

The PLUS Model Magazine LA team was fantastic! They made my first photo shoot experience a memorable and pleasant experience.  Very, professional!

[Maddy] Janice Dickinson was not convinced that plus models should be included in her agency. How did you feel about that?

[Alana] I felt it was up to me to try to convince her that plus size models are just as beautiful as her size 2 models.  I even went as far as wearing an outfit similar to an outfit Janice wore on the show to prove to Janice that even though my outfit is a size 14, and not your size 2, I look just as good as you did in yours. As a matter of fact, I looked a lot better in the outfit than you did.

[Maddy] How did you personally show Janice your worth in the modeling industry?

[Alana] I tried numerous times to try to connect with Janice on an emotional level about how hard it is for women as a whole to be comfortable in their own skin. Society has put a picture in our heads that if you are bigger than a size 4 you’re not beautiful. I tried to explain to Janice that society plays a very important role in shaping our attitudes about beauty, how we are looked at, and judge others, and ultimately, how we look at and judge ourselves. I tried to convince Janice that she has the power to help change the way society defines beauty. But, no matter how hard I tried, Janice was not interested.

[Maddy] Now that the show is over – how do you feel and what has this experience changed your life?

[Alana] I am very happy that the show is over.  I feel like Janice played with all the plus size models emotions.  She never liked us from the beginning. And, she made it apparent during the show she will never like plus size models.  I feel the only thing Janice liked about us plus size models is that she had some new models in her agency that she could ridicule, so she can feel better about herself.  If Janice offered me a million dollar contract to be apart of her agency, I would gladly decline.  To be represented by an agent that doesn’t believe in you, would be like selling your soul to the devil.  My self-worth and well-being is priceless.

From being on the show I realized that I want to be more than just a plus size model.  I want to be a role model/motivational speaker for women of all ages dealing with self esteem issues.  I want to encourage women to love the skin you are in, and your self worth is not based on the size clothing that you wear.  Last but not least, skinny models are overrated!

For more information on Alana, visit her online.