Miaamberintoct083Readers… don’t miss this illuminating interview with PLUS Creative Editor-at-Large, Mia Amber Davis.

[Maddy] Most people recognize you from your most recent campaigns with Ashley Stewart and the most recent Butterfly Bra campaign. Tell me about touring with Jill Scott to promote the Butterfly Bra and how wonderful it was to represent such a great undergarment made just for “us”.

[Mia Amber] When Ashley Stewart approached me about representing the Butterfly Bra I was truly floored! I feel so honored! The bra is an amazing product and I am so eager to let the world know about it! If you’re an ample bosomed woman who’s tired of bras digging into her shoulders leaving horrible marks and grooves because your bra doesn’t support the weight of your breasts all around then the Butterfly Bra is definitely for you.

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