Meet PLUS Cover Model Bernadett

Meet PLUS Cover Model Bernadett…

In NYC models are a dime a dozen and you can bet you will walk into a model or two while strolling along the city streets. One model that is sure to make heads turn is Wilhelmina model Bernadett. We have been watching this statuesque red head become one of today’s most recognized models in the industry. In putting this issue together I got to know the woman behind this fabulous smile…

[Maddy] What prompted you to become a model; was it always a dream for you?

[Bernadett] Actually I always wanted to run for political office-and being a model is the next best thing; I just don’t get to speak!

[Maddy] You have beautiful red hair and distinct features that have made you a staple in the modeling industry, what is your family back round?

[Bernadett] I was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to the United States when I was 8 years old.  I didn’t speak English and did not fit in back then.  Now I like to stand out from the crowd.  In a crowded city like New York City, it’s nice to be seen as tall, strong and powerful.

[Maddy] You are signed with one of the most well known agencies in the world, Wilhelmina Model Management; tell me about being signed with such a reputable agency and what steps you took to develop your skills as a “top” model.

[Bernadett] Wilhelmina has been wonderful over the years.  They have a great team dedicated to each and every need of a working model. When I began my career, I was never told to lose weight just to be the best version of myself. I found that getting fit for me meant losing weight and taking care of my skin by staying out of the sun.  Finding the best version of yourself has to come from within. You have to figure out what works for you and not what the industry is dictating.

[Maddy] There’s a preconceived notion that models are “divas” and/or self-centered yet when I was looking for two models that could work together your booker immediately pointed you and Casey out and told me that you were “friends”. I loved the idea of being able to feature two models who are also friends on the cover. Tell me about your friendship with Casey and how your modeling careers play a role in your friendship.

[Bernadett] Casey makes me laugh.  She’s one of the most outgoing and adventurous people I know.  She’s not afraid to try anything.  She also inspires me because she is someone who sets her heart on something and makes it happen. When we get together for fun we keep work separate.  Work has it’s time and place in our lives but in a fast paced city, having fun with my friends is something I cherish.

[Maddy] Many of our readers are aspiring models, what advice do you have for them?

[Bernadett] I asked my mom the answer to this question and this is what she said,” Even beauty is not that important as confidence and believing in yourself.”

I love that answer because it’s true.  Confidence, self assurance and building a Teflon coating is what you need in this business and in life.  First be realistic about what your goals are.  Very few people make it to “supermodel” status. Have other interests besides modeling.

When I first started in the industry there were a couple of red heads and I saw there images everywhere.  I thought in order for me to work I must straighten my hair and go a bit darker.  I was wrong.  I was changing for the industry. I had to make my natural features shine and clients took notice.

One client asked why there were no pictures of me in my book with curly hair?  I looked at my book and realized I was to “done” up and they wanted natural and fresh looking.  I immediately changed my color back and began wearing it curly to castings and go-sees.  BE YOURSELF, I tell myself (a girl needs reminders every so often).

*Don’t change for the business, make the business change for you
*Get to the gym and sweat
*Eat right
*Be realistic and true to yourself and make sure to laugh (major stress relief)

And now a few fun facts about Bernadett:

I was born in…
Budapest, Hungary

If I were not a model I would be…

Traveling with a backpack around the world wearing patchouli and owning only one pair of jeans, a t-shirt and one cute dress (a girl always has to be ready)

If I could be one person for a day…
I would be, either Oprah Winfrey or Donald Trump

My favorite past time is…
Eating Nutella while watching Sex and the City reruns

People would be surprised to know…
That although I am a successful model, I read cookbooks and cooking magazines. I love to have dinner parties except my apartment is too small.

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Photo Credits:

Photography: LucasPictures
MUA: Tara Taylor
Hair: Sheri Pinto