Staying Motivated as a Fit Model

Staying Motivated as a Fit Model

Hi, I am a plus model with an agency, but since I have signed with them I have gained weight. It is so hard for me to get this weight off and when they send me on fit jobs I am not getting call backs. My motivation is lost! How do you get the motivation back?

I completely understand your situation. As a woman, weight and measurements naturally fluctuate. However, as a fit model they are not supposed to change because you are basically a “living mannequin”. I myself have lost too much weight or gained too much weight and have not booked a client due to those changes. When this happens I have to look over my eating and stress habits with a fine tooth comb and I ALWAYS step up my exercise (either by adding on weight training, Pilates, cardio, or all three when I the time calls for it).

The fit models I know have to work at keeping their measurements exact. Some eat more, if they lose easily, and others cut back on carbs and alcohol. As a plus model, it is wonderful to be able to eat and celebrate your curves, but if you are a fit model it comes with some sacrifices. I always ask myself;

1) Do I like the money I make at fit modeling?
2) Would I do this for free if I didn’t get paid?
3) Would I rather be doing something else?

When I like the answers that I give to these questions then I don’t mind putting in the extra 30 minutes of cardio or saying no to that piece of delicious cake that is seductively calling me!

Plus modeling can be for everyone out there and your weight can and will fluctuate. Fit modeling though is a different ballgame. If you’ve been blessed to experience being a fit model and you want to pursue it then just remember this one thing; you are being paid amazing money for your body, which the designers deem perfect and only YOU out of the rest of the all the woman out there, are able to be this design team’s model. Your body/measurements help create thousands of pieces of clothing. Be proud when you see someone out on the street wearing a piece of clothing that you helped bring into existence. How lucky are you to be doing what very few women ever get to do or experience? I hope that’s motivation enough to help you reshape your body. If not, all is not lost and you can still do print, runway, and showroom work and be the fabulous model that you are.

Be all you can be and keep striving for what makes you happy!