Interview With the Winner of the BGM, City Chick and Ford Model Search in Australia, Veronika Cvak

Interview With the Winner of the BGM, City Chick and Ford Model Search in Australia, Veronika Cvak

The plus size industry in Australia is booming with stores and online vendors catering to the plus size consumer and agencies representing plus size models. City Chick, BGM and Ford Teamed up for a model search and one lucky young lady won the top prize. Bosnian native Veronika Cvak is the new face of City Chick and PLUS was fortunate enough to speak with Veronika about her experience and future plans.

[Maddy] When you were a little girl did you always want to be a model?

[Veronika] Actually I was asked to be a model for a chocolate brand when I was little in Bosnia but we had to move so it didn’t happen. So since then I always wanted to do modeling or anything with the beauty and fashion industry. As a child, I gained weight and thought I couldn’t be a model anymore. So I got interested in beauty and make-up, which I’m also doing now. Then I heard that City Chic was looking for a plus size model and it exited me that I could follow my dream I had as a little girl.

[Maddy] Who are your role models in the modeling industry?

[Veronika] I’ve always looked up to Tyra Banks and Natalie Wakeling

[Maddy] How did you personally prepare for the modeling industry?

[Veronika] During the competition City Chic and BGM models helped us… they gave the models tips on how to walk pose etc, so I would just go home and practice in the mirror.

[Maddy] Was this model search your way into the industry?

[Veronika] Yes, absolutely otherwise I would never thought of being a model again.

[Maddy] Walk me through the model search… how did you enter and how did you find out that you were chosen as a finalist?

[Veronika] There was an advertisement in Cosmopolitan magazine and I entered it by sending my measurements and two photos. From there I had to meet the Marketing Manager from City Chic, Carley Turner, at a City Chic store where she took a couple of photos and then I was told that I had been chosen to go into the Victorian heat were there was a going to be fashion parade at one of Melbourne’s biggest shopping centres, Chadstone, to chose a finalist.

At the fashion parade we had two appearances on the catwalk as well Darrianne Donnelly from BGM Models asking all the models a question about modeling. After this, the winner was announced and I was named as a semi-finalist for Victoria winning $1000 City Chic clothing voucher and a trip to Sydney to compete at the final with Gary Dakin from Ford Models being a judge.

[Maddy] Tell me about the event where the winner was chosen…. How were you feeling and did you think you would win?

[Veronika] The event was so glamorous… with a long catwalk, lights, music and lots of media & press. And with other successful Australian plus size models present such as Natalie Wakeling, Pippa Jeffreys and Laura Wells, it was fabulous. Oh I can’t describe how I was feeling, I was exited and nervous… so many emotions were going all at once, it felt surreal being there.

Yes, at the last minute on stage I thought to myself, “You know what I’m going to win this thing,” and then they announced, “The winner is Veronika Cvak!” I stood there for a second in shock… and then I got swamped by the media and press taking photos and asking questions. It wasn’t until the next morning were I realized that it was all real and that I’m the face of City Chic and that I’m a part of BGM models. I remember waking up and jumping on the hotel bed and screaming of excitement and reading the newspapers and I was in all of them. It was so exiting.

[Maddy] You just shot for City Chic – for many models their first professional job is memorable. Tell us about it and what you learned from it.

[Veronika] Actually my first professional job was for Cosmopolitan magazine, a four page spread and I had to be in swimwear, which I was really nervous about…  especially that I had to do it on a very popular beach with 3 other professionals models that were smaller then me. I had 4 pieces of swimwear, two were one-piece, one tankini and when I saw the last one, which was a bikini; I froze because I never owned a bikini in my life! But then I thought to myself, I’m representing all the plus size girls who read this magazine I’m going to do this and be proud of my curves. I successfully did the shoot; everyone was happy with me and very friendly. And I learned that if I could stand there on a public beach where people would stop and look, freezing my butt off and in my bikinis I could do anything!

[Maddy] What are your modeling goals?

[Veronika] My goals are to finish my City Chic two-year contract successfully and do them proud. To work with other successful plus size models, and to be a successful well-known plus size model all around the world, that’s my dream.