Meet Plus Cover Model Macey

Meet Plus Cover Model Macey

She may not be the face you immediately recognize but I’m pretty sure if you have a TV or have visited the modeling sites in NYC you have seen Macey. Known for her classic girl next door look, in this special Valentines Day Issue of PLUS we turned our Southern Belle, Macey into a Certified Vixen.

[Maddy] How long have you been a model? How did you get started?

[Macey] I used to model for dance catalogs when I was little so I’ve been in the industry for a while.

[Maddy] I have seen you in the Playtex commercials. How fun was the commercial to make? Can you tell us a little about the experience and how you prepared yourself as a model for a commercial?

[Macey] Oh the Playtex commercial was such an amazing experience! Everyone involved was so easygoing and fun to be around. The atmosphere was laid back and everyone just wanted to create a positive commercial that relates to every woman while still having a great time. It turned out to be a bigger success than we imagined so we were able to shoot another one because of the response we received. It was so nice to see all kinds of women and even men that loved the message of the commercial. It was about making women feel comfortable no matter what size you are and I believe we did exactly what we set out to do.

The preparation of the commercial was a little challenging but I truly enjoyed it. I’m an actress as well so being in front of the camera and acting is what I love. One of my degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was in dramatic arts. So having lines to remember and acting in front of the camera is a lot of fun for me. I was so lucky to have an amazing director that allowed us to improvise. I love to improvise! Sometimes some of the most unbelievable commercials are the result of improvisation. So we were given lines and when we were on set the director told us we could play with the wording and so creativity was very high that day! I love sets like that. It just makes people feel at ease and believe me all of our stomach muscles were hurting that day because some of the lines we came up with were hilarious! Playtex is so wonderful and I truly enjoyed every second of that special day.

[Maddy] Have you done any other commercials?

[Macey] I have been so lucky to have done other commercials other than the two Playtex ones. I have done commercials for Honda, Acura, and Daisy May’s BBQ. It’s so nice to have clients that hire people of all body types to represent them. People like to see all types of body types on TV because people relate to those that look like themselves. I think that is why the Playtex commercials were such a success. There was a woman in the commercial for every person watching those commercials to relate to. And that’s good advertising. Plus they were so funny!! How could you not love them?

[Maddy] Tell me about working for Lane Bryant online… I know you mentioned to me that shooting for them was a really nice experience… can you tell us about this?

[Macey] Lane Bryant was also an incredible experience. Everyone involved was so warm-hearted and accepting of me. We all were there to make a great shoot and also have some fun. Lane Bryant is such a great store and concept. With the average American woman being a size 12-14 it is so nice to know that stores are realizing that all women love to look their best no matter what the tag on our clothes says. That number is just a number anyways. It is all about how you feel on the inside and it took me a little while to realize that but now I’m happy to be where I am today.  Lane Bryant makes all women feel like they can look their best and I love that about them. The shoot was for the web and I was able to model everything from suits to lingerie. It is always fun to have such a variety of clothing to model. Modeling dresses and suits are a lot different than modeling a swimsuit or lingerie so it is always fun to be versatile.

[Maddy] What type of advice do you have for aspiring models looking to take their careers to the next level?

[Macey] The advice I would give to aspiring models that want to take their careers to the next level is… first and foremost know who you are. It is okay to know what your boundaries are of what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with. Also take every opportunity to learn from your peers. I learn so much on every single shoot I do from the other models. I have been in this industry for a while but I still learn so much from every single job or shoot I do. Knowing that you can always grow in your profession is the key to taking it to the next level. Never think that you can’t learn more! Always keep an open mind and never be a diva. No one wants to work with a diva!  I learned that from my precious mother. She always has taught me to be charming, sweet, and confident. That is the best advice I’ve gotten and so now I give this same advice to others.

[Maddy] What is the best part of being a model?

[Macey] The best part of being a model is being able to express yourself through the camera. I love dressing up and “putting on a show” for the lens. Experiencing with different looks and makeup is also a perk of being a model. I love doing simple and classic jobs but being creative and taking a risk is also part of the fun.  I also love the fact that modeling shows the world it’s okay being bigger than a size 0. I could not eat for a month and still never be that size so what is the point. Women need to know that being a size 0 is okay if that is what you feel comfortable with and being a size 14 is okay as well. It is all about being happy and healthy.

[Maddy] Do you feel any pressure to be a role model to young girls looking at your work?

[Macey] I would love to be thought of as of role model. I don’t feel pressure because I know that my parents taught me to be a good person and treat people the way you would want to be treated and that is how I live my life. As a model I know what I’m comfortable with and that is being a good influence on all women and showing them how to be happy with themselves. Young girls need to know that being beautiful is not only about what you see on the outside but what is in the inside. I feel that I’m lucky because I have the confidence to know that I like what I am on the inside and so the confidence reflects on the outside as well. If I’m able to convince one woman or girl to be accepting of themselves, than I am a very lucky person and that truly is rewarding!

[Maddy] As a model you’re very in the know about fashion and the latest trends. How do you see the plus size fashion industry changing in the next few years?

[Macey] I love fashion! I love to shop and keep up with what is going on in the fashion world. I’m obsessed with accessories as well. Purses and shoes are my kryptonite. But I guess we all have our vices! I really see the fashion world changing as we speak. I love the fact that companies are catching on to the idea that people respond to people they can relate to whether it is print or TV. So this realization is kicking off a frenzy of using all body types when choosing models. I’m so honored to be a part of this transition. It will take a while but I really see huge companies like Banana Republic and Gap using not only size 0 models but average size models as well. Now we just need to work on the couture world. All it would take is one major fashion icon to realize the power of producing to the average size woman. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

[Maddy] How do you keep a fit and healthy body?

[Macey] I’m a dancer at heart. Dancing is the key to keeping my body healthy and fit. Not only do you burn a ton of calories but you can express yourself through the music and still have fun doing it. We all love music. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who doesn’t so being able to move with the music and really get a workout is the best kind of cardio for me. Believe me it is not easy to keep my shape. I’m from the South and I love my big portions and fried foods. Portion control and dancing are the keys for me. I also don’t deprive myself of what I want to eat. I have my days where I have fried okra and fried chicken and I love every minute. I just have to make sure I take an extra dance class or eat healthy for the rest of the week. So be happy and eat what you want but be smart and compromise with yourself.

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