Petite Plus Modeling Advice

Petite Plus Modeling Advice

I am 5’3″ and a size 14/16 and would love to get into plus size modeling but I need guidance.

I have received a couple of emails from petite plus girls about modeling.  The big agencies want girls to be 5’9″ and above because of print work and sample clothes tend to be for 5’7″ tall and over. However, there is a need for petite plus size models every now and then. I know some of my clients will call in petite models about 2 to 3 times a year to see if their petite fit is working and to show buyers. I would say mail in your pictures/comp cards to all the agencies including your measurements and what size you wear from popular clothing lines. Explain that you understand petite is not in high demand, but when needed your services are available. Of course you can work on websites, which tend to cater more to the average woman and niche market. As long as you know what you are capable of doing you will be able to streamline your approach and find clients that are in need of you.

I’m only 5’7″ and even though I would LOVE to do runway for the big, fancy shows…I am way too short myself. But, I am great at print work and fit and therefore I go after those clients who need my look and fit. I have done runway modeling for local shows or designers who are showcasing their line for all types of women and I say go find those shows so you can have that experience.

Commercial print would be great for you since they tend not to look at height but more for “look”. If you are the sweet girl next door you will work a lot more than some one who is just trying to look sexy. Take a look at ads that feature women who look like you and try to emulate a photo session with that look. The easier you make it for those casting for jobs, the better chance you have to book a job!