Meet PLUS Cover Model Kailee

Meet PLUS Cover Model Kailee

Kailee has become one of CLICK NY’s shining stars with several MXM campaigns under her belt, catalog bookings and TV appearances. She is a round face beauty who accepts her curves and thinks beyond her successful modeling career. As a full time student she is eager to receive all that life has to offer.

[Maddy] Kailee – tell me a little about yourself.

[Kailee] Hmm, me in a nutshell: I am 19 years old, from New York, a student studying theatre, English and anthropology, I adore movies, music, reading, yoga, traveling, and nature!

[Maddy] When did you begin your modeling career?

[Kailee] I began just when I had turned fifteen.  Ironically I didn’t even know there was a plus size industry at the time. But my mother had faith in me and encouraged me to give it a try.

[Maddy] What was your first modeling job as an agency model and what was the experience like?

[Kailee] The first job I did was a small editorial for a teen magazine. It was a beautiful location shoot near the Hudson. I think I was pretty nervous before I got there because I had no idea what to expect. I was a little camera shy at first, but it ended up being a fun experience. It was a nice introduction to the world of modeling.

[Maddy] Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

[Kailee] Hmmm… well life always kind of surprises me. But if I have to make an educated guess I would say acting and performing. Hopefully I’ll also have a degree in English or Anthropology.

[Maddy] What is your advice to aspiring models that are also interested in continuing their education?

[Kailee] You can do it!! It may be a challenge but it is very much worth it. I would also have to say that if you are going to choose to be in school, either part time or full, try very hard to make that your priority while you are doing it. If you are going to take classes and get an education, then don’t just do it half way, give it your all. An education is so extremely important.

Fun Facts about Kailee

Stilettos or Flip Flops…
Boots! …and flip flops as well.

Summer or Winter…

The most memorable modeling job was…

Hmm there have been so many memorable ones. But I suppose the most recent one was the shoot I did for Gourmet Magazine. All the models had to do was eat this delicious food and talk to each other while the photographer and crew were hard at work!

I cannot live without my…
Journal, favorite books, and lip tint

My ideal Saturday afternoon is…
Staying in and cooking with good friends, and listening to good music.