Moving to NYC to Model

Moving to NYC to Model

I want to be a model so badly, should I just move to NYC and try?

I received this question from a good friend of mine from Texas. She is stunning and may have a good career in modeling, however with the way the economy is right now I want to share with our readers the advice I gave her.

1) Do not move to NYC unless you have enough money put aside for a roof over your head, transportation, and food to feed yourself.

2) Do a mailing to let agencies know you will be either moving (or living in NYC for the summer) at least a month before you plan to move. This will let you know, when you do your follow-up correspondence, if any agents are interested in meeting with you.

3) Apply to jobs in the area so you can have a job waiting for you or see if the company you already work with has business in NYC and maybe you can request a job transfer.

4) Have some basic fashion/commercial shots of yourself (which you should have included in your mailings to agents) so you are already armed with your tools or have money set aside for a photo shoot with a NYC photographer who specializes or has experience in shooting plus size models.

I am all for following your dreams and encourage anyone who has the drive, but the reality is right now a lot of models and actors who are already established have felt a pinch in their wallet. Even my commercial print agency, which I made a good chunk of money with the past 3 years, closed their doors forever 2 months ago. Figure magazine is no longer in existence and Lane Bryant has slowed down their print campaigns.

If you have been saving up and you are ready for the move, than do not let the economy slump squash your plans. Just be prepared that it may take you a little bit longer to get established as a model. That actually is not a bad thing since NYC has so much to offer especially being so close to summer.

Keep stretching your voluptuous limbs in your area to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity that may be right under your nose. I have fellow model pals who live part time in their hometown and part time in NYC. Also, make those connections with your fellow plus model hopefuls and you may have a place to stay when you visit or make that move. As always, follow your dreams; just be pro-active and smart about this amazing business called modeling.