Finding a Modeling Photographer

Finding a Modeling Photographer

I need help finding a photographer. Where do I find one and what questions should I ask?

Some people take this important matter and don’t give it the weight it deserves. Your “business” or calling card (your comp card) is what represents you, so finding the best photographer for you is of utmost importance. You can always ask agencies what photographers they recommend, just be careful it is not one of those package deals or scam that small town agencies thrive on. Check you local better business bureau about an agency if you are not sure.

Agencies should provide you with several photographers they recommend. Also, websites like Model Mayhem are a good hunting ground. However, look at the portfolios and make sure you see other plus size models in their arsenal. Some photographers have never shot plus-size women or don’t like to shoot plus-size women, so do your research so you’re not in an awkward situation. If you don’t see plus-size models you can always send the photographer an email to ask if he/she has experience shooting plus-size models and ask if they can email you some of their work. If you decide on a photographer from a website ALWAYS take someone with you. Unfortunately there have been cases of men posing as photographers just looking to lure women. BE CAREFUL! With that said, you can also go on forums and ask other plus-size models whom they suggest.

Acting schools and dance studios are also a great resource for finding photographers since a lot of them advertise by postcard at these venues.

Note: The best advice I received from another model was to cut out ads from magazines of looks that I liked and take them to the photographer so they know what kind of look/looks you are going for. I was able to come out with amazing shots the first time I did this

Questions to ask:

–   Do you have experience shooting plus-size models?
–   Do you have your own studio or rent a studio?
–   Do you do studio shots only or can you do outdoor as well?
–   Do you have experience in building portfolios or comp cards for models?
–   Do you have examples of comp cards you have shot for some of your clients?
–   How many changes do you offer in your package?
–   Are you able to do/copy the following looks: high fashion, catalogue, commercial, lifestyle, and any others you may specifically need such as wedding, swimsuit, urban, etc.
–   Do you provide hair and makeup? (if you are an ethnic model make sure to ask if their makeup artist/hairstylist has experience working with non-Caucasian skin and hair)