Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Katie Lynn Rojano

Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Katie Lynn Rojano

Many aspiring models think that becoming a plus size model is lavish, only fun and never truly relate modeling with hard work. Katie Lynn faced what most working models face every season, modeling in weather that does not totally match what they are wearing. Most retailers and magazines shoot fall and winter clothing during the spring/summer season and vice versa. This is when professionalism and the true character of the model comes through and Katie Lynn was a true joy for PLUS to work with under extreme weather. We look forward to more from Katie Lynn in the plus size industry.

[Maddy] Thank you for working with PLUS Model Magazine on such an amazing shoot. You did really well under difficult circumstances. Was this the first time you have shot under such extreme hot weather? If so, tell me how you learned to prepare for situations such as this?

[Katie Lynn] Thank you for the opportunity to work with PLUS Model Magazine; it was a great experience! This was my first time shooting in the heat, but I grew up in Southern California, so I know that the summer sun can make for scorching work conditions. I made sure to bring plenty of water and started hydrating myself a few days before the shoot. Executing the shoot in the heat was very much a team effort. Reah and Artemis were great about making sure that I stayed hydrated and had snacks throughout the day. It was also important that the photographer, Kev Bailey, and I had clear communication so we were able to get the shots quickly. This teamwork made the heat much easier to bear.

[Maddy] For those of us who do not know much about you – could you tell us a little about yourself and how you began your modeling career?

[Katie Lynn] Sure! I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I grew up as an athlete playing several sports. My favorite sport is softball and I moved to Seattle to continue playing while earning my Bachelor’s degree. Even though I was a “jock” I have always loved being girly! I was often told by others that I should be a model, but thought, “me a model? I have too many curves to be a model!” After doing some research, I learned that there was a Plus size market designed for naturally curvy women, like me! Without telling a soul, I sent some pictures of myself to some local agencies in Seattle and was fortunate enough to be signed shortly after.

[Maddy] What personal changes, if any, did you make when you became a signed model?

[Katie Lynn] When I signed with my agency, I did some research and actually started taking vitamins. My schedule at school stayed hectic with studies and softball. I figured that it would be wise of me to make sure I was in the best health possible. I have always enjoyed working out so the gym was nothing new but I did change a bit of my routine to refine those areas that I felt needed a bit more firming or toning.

[Maddy] What do you absolutely love about being a model and what could you live without?

[Katie Lynn] I absolutely love the environment of a shoot!! The energy is so invigorating and the fact that I love beauty and fashion only add to the enjoyment of doing something that I totally love! I could definitely live without the notion that “plus” fashion is not serious fashion. Real women come in all sizes and the forward thinking designers have begun to put more emphasis on designing for real women. The changes in the fashion world are coming slower than I might like but they are starting to pick up pace.

[Maddy] Models are often privy to see collections before they come out to the general public, which designers do you think have their finger on the right styling for plus size women.

[Katie Lynn] There are an increasing number of really current designers in the plus market. Melissa Masse, whose collection I wore for this shoot really has some beautiful designs with silhouettes that are simply gorgeous. The colors and materials are beautiful and flattering to a curvy figure. Ashley Stewart is another forward thinking designer with hip, trendy designs. Her line incorporates fabulous colors and textures, which I love! I have been noticing that a number of retail stores are starting to really pay attention to having a plus or women’s department with an array of designers and that is refreshing.

[Maddy]  If you could land one dream job, what would it be?

[Katie Lynn] Modeling is a dream job for me. Shooting in an exotic location would be exciting or doing some runway work for a fashion week would be amazing!

[Maddy] We have many aspiring models reading the magazine, what advice would you give them?

[Katie Lynn] Don’t stop believing in yourself. The casting process can be harrowing and it is important that you know what you can offer. This business comes with a significant amount of criticism and judgment.  If you are secure with who you are and all of the positive things you have to offer it will be easier to present your best self to the modeling world!

Fun Facts about Katie:

I was born and raised in San Dimas, CA

I love my family and my three boxers but dislike the traffic that comes with living in Los Angeles to be close to them! (Example: cats, dogs, flying, clowns, etc)

If I could move to any city it would be New York. Why? I LOVE the energy there!

Cannot leave the house without my iPhone and lip-gloss!

Books or CD’s? I am a full-time student so right now it is books.

Stilettos or Flip Flops? Both! Stilettos if I’m going out, but definitely flops on the home front

Red Carpet event or movie night at home? I would get “glammed” up for the Red Carpet then head home to watch sports center in my “PJ’s”!

Thank you Katie-Lynn.

Katie Lynn Rojano is signed with Heffner Model Management