Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Brittany

Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Brittany

Sometimes as I peruse the boards at the modeling agencies, after a while all the faces begin to blur. I am very specific about the models I choose for each monthly issue, so needless to say, this is always a challenging task. Brittany stood out for various reasons. Her piercing blue eyes and dark hair aside, I admired the roundness of her cheeks, her innate sexiness, and the comfort she portrayed in all her shots. Not only did I believe she was capable of bringing a certain intensity to the set, I trusted this would be something she would enjoy. After the shoot, the L.A. Crew happily confirmed that Brittany fit the concept like a “glove”.

Upon meeting Brittany at Love Your Body Day in CA, I was amazed at her natural beauty and humble spirit. Here’s a little more about Plus Model Brittany.

[Maddy] Plus size models were once again brought to the spotlight by Glamour’s “belly” picture. How did you feel about Glamour Magazine’s promise to use plus size models more often?

[Brittany Elizabeth] I think it’s about time! I believe the industry has finally taken notice of its consumers. This all happened because we used our voice and spoke out to what we found beautiful. What we find is that beauty is a healthy, RELATIBLE woman who is confident in herself and her body. I think the more we utilize our voice and applaud what we find appealing, the more we will see ourselves represented in the pages.

[Maddy] Where were you born? Were you always a curvier girl growing up? How did you develop such good self-esteem?

[Brittany Elizabeth]  Well, I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA as the oldest of 6 children to two wonderful parents. I now have a daughter of my own who is the most amazing person in the world and challenges me everyday to be the best I can.

I was always very athletic growing up. I played sports and performed with a dance group. I was a bit of a late bloomer, and didn’t develop my curves until high school, but when I did, I was 5’10 with a C cup and hips to match. I was never even close to overweight, but an adult early in life told me I was. So needless to say I had a very deceptive perception of my body and thought I was fat. I developed an eating disorder and have struggled with that my entire life. It’s something that is never totally gone, but I’ve realized just how beautiful and truly awesome I am! I love that I have curves and enjoy my “softness” (As does my boyfriend, ha ha). I am 5’11” and would need to remove limbs to ever fit the standard of a straight size model. I think the struggles I have endured have shaped the amazing woman I am becoming, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I truly can accomplish anything, and I don’t need a size four on my jeans to do so.

[Maddy] When did you begin your modeling career?

[Brittany Elizabeth] I have been modeling with Heffner for about 4 years now. It has truly been an adventure!

[Maddy] Where have we seen you?

[Brittany Elizabeth] I have worked with Hips and Curves (LOVE them!), Zaftique, Bombshell Magazine, Torrid, and Igigi.

[Maddy] How was your experience on your very first shoot?

[Brittany Elizabeth] Oh my goodness. My first shoot was with the lovely ladies at Hips and Curves. They were amazing! They made me feel like part of their little family! Given that my first shoot was modeling lingerie, and mind you, I didn’t exactly have the confidence I do now, it was a bit of a challenge. The shots and location were beautiful and I couldn’t have picked a better team to accomplish my first shoot.

[Maddy] It’s very apparent that you take good care of yourself. What’s your secret for staying in model shape?

[Brittany Elizabeth] I try to eat healthy, drink tons of water, and stay active. If I work out too much I start to lose weight and end up a bit too small for what the clients are looking for. So I try to balance myself at a 12-14.

[Maddy] Five years from now, where do you see Brittany?

[Brittany Elizabeth] In 5 years I see myself in a thriving modeling career! I would like to get my esthetician license since I have already worked as a makeup artist and start developing that side. I will have a stunning 10-year-old daughter, and an amazingly handsome husband (hint, hint!). Life will be good!

[Maddy] Who are your favorite designers and are they a reflection of your personal style?

[Brittany Elizabeth] I am such a kick-back girl, so I pretty much live in jeans and Converse. I do love the fashion world and keep a close eye on the pulse of what’s out there. I love very feminine, sexy, but classy style. Elie Saab and Tracy Reese are two that have my heart right now.

[Maddy] I believe there is a huge misconception about plus size models. There is a general belief that plus size models should be over a size 16/18 in order to be described as “plus”…  Can you explain the modeling industry from the working models point of view?

[Brittany Elizabeth] I think I touched on that a bit with my modeling regimen. It is difficult being 5’11” and a 12-14. Because my weight and curves are distributed so evenly I tend to look smaller than I am. I’ve had clients book me and insist I’ve lost weight. I’ve even been told I need to eat a burger at one shoot (which I don’t think would ever happen in the straight world!). I have been a size 16-18 before and personally I don’t feel healthy or confident at that size. I made the decision to be true to myself and live in the skin that made me feel beautiful. I figure the pictures will come out much better if I have the confidence from within, than to try and fit a mold.

[Maddy] Who are your industry role models and why?

[Brittany Elizabeth] Crystal Renn of course. She has broken down so many doors and is truly blazing a trail for us to follow. I had the pleasure of seeing Maggie Brown in person at the LYBD fashion show and was blown away. She is absolutely stunning. I’ve seen her work, but in the flesh she definitely stands out! I also love Hilary Rhoda’s work. I know she’s skinny, but I can’t help but take notice!