Swiss Plus Model, Blogger And Fashion Coach Stephanie Zwicky

Swiss Plus Model, Blogger And Fashion Coach Stephanie Zwicky

By Nikeya Young

The virtual world has opened its doors for creative’s to reach out to people all over the world who can identify with them. Stephanie Zwicky is a beautiful, talented and fashion conscious blogger who has created a name for herself by creating a blog that speaks to plus size women by being the best person she can be. Herself!

I had a great opportunity to speak with Stephanie about her blog, her new clothing line and the plus size community in France.

Nikeya: Hello Stephanie! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.  This issue of Plus Model Magazine is dedicated to what’s happening with the Plus Size fashion and modeling industry on an international level. Can you tell us all little bit about yourself and what you are doing to help the Plus- Size Community in France?

Stephanie: I’m a 33 year-old Swiss woman and I have lived has Paris for 6 years. I am an actress, Plus Model, and fashion coach. I have been blogging since 2005 but began in November 2008. I created this blog to share my good plans and my easy ways of fashion. Through my blog, I try to show that one can be round and fashionable. I am here to give a pretty indication of the round women. In France the round women are often badly perceived and convey a negative image (or thought not to be in good health). I have much energy and I try to give this positive energy to the community of round women who follow me.

Nikeya: I know that you’ve designed a new plus line with La Redoute. How is that coming along?

Stephanie: With the other fashion bloggers in October 2009, I created looks with the clothing store La Redoute. The photographs were published on the web site and I had many good reactions. Then it was time to create my own large collection for the summer. I then drew 10 designs that I wanted. That’s how the Big Beauty Collection was born for La Redoute.

Nikeya: Wow! So through your awesome blogs, you were able to catch the attention of La Redoute clothing line, and they just gave you an opportunity to design a summer collection? That’s awesome! I see the attitude toward Plus-Size models in France is very similar to how it is here in America. You seem to be doing a great deal to change that, and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Tell me, what is the most opposition that you have ever faced while pursuing your dreams as a Plus model, actress, designer etc.

Stephanie: I believe that I’ve been very lucky because at the moment I haven’t had to face any major difficulties. But I will say that most difficult area to succeed has to be in the area of the cinema. It is still very difficult for a round woman to take on an interesting role in a movie of great scale. I continue my dream and I hope to arrive there one day. Today I can really say that I’m living my dream, and I hope that I will continue to do so for a long time.

Nikeya: With your positive attitude and determination, I’m sure that you will reach each of your goals! If you could play ANY kind of movie role, what would it be, and why?

Stephanie: I think that I will be able to play any role because I have so much range. Since I’m very curious, I would like to try them all. First, I’d like to play a rather dark role, an empowered role; it can even be a horror film. After that, I would like to do a funny, comic role. That would be a lot of fun for me!

Nikeya: Which actors and actresses would you pick to be in the movie with you?

Stephanie: I don’t know if I’d get to choose who is in the films with me, but if I can dream a little, I’d love to work alongside Michele Bernier, Didier Bourdon, Yvan Attal, or Francois Cluzet. As for American actors, I’d love to work with Daniel Craig.

Nikeya: Ok, I’ve got to wrap things up here, but I want to know how is it that you are able to keep such a positive attitude while working in the fashion and entertainment industries where anything past a size 2 is considered fat? What advice do you have for other Plus Size Models and fashion designers?

Stephanie: It’s because I’m completely at ease with my body and in my work I use it as an asset. In this industry that is based appearance, it is not always easy, but I do it with passion every day. As far as advice for the Plus-Size community; I’m thinking more about the fashion designers. They need to decide to make bigger sizes for their clothing lines. There has been some movement towards this, but there is still work to be done. My advice to them is to open their eyes and see that there is a real market. Today the round women are more daring and want to find young clothing, colorful, and with style just like the thin women. It is time the designers notice that round women belong in the fashion world!

Nikeya: I totally agree! Can you give us a little insight on your clothing line?

Stephanie: The line will feature dresses primarily, but their will also be some more casual items such as: a pink dress, a long waistcoat, jean Bermuda shorts, a coral-colored maxi dress (this will also come in grey), an off-the-shoulder marine dress, beaded dress tee-shirts with a face and a B. Beauty Signature, an asymmetrical tee-shirt, and much more! The collection will be available in 11 countries on the Internet at

Nikeya: Well, we certainly look forward to seeing the Spring and Summer Big Beauty Collection! Ms. Stephanie, it has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you! On behalf of Plus Model Magazine, I would like to say thank you for your time, and I wish you MUCH success with the Big Beauty Collection, your acting career, and all of your endeavors!

Stephanie: Thank you for this interview. It was a great pleasure.

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