Tyra’s Fiercely Real Model Search Winner – Sheridan Watson

Tyra’s Fiercely Real Model Search Winner – Sheridan Watson

Sheridan Watson is the newest W Curve model to join the Wilhelmina Agency. If she looks familiar , you may have seen her on the Tyra Banks Show when she won the Fiercely Real Teen Model Search.

We asked Sheridan to come our NY studio for an interview and photo shoot with clothing courtesy of Faith 21.

Maddy: What made you try out for the Tyra Show Fiercely Real Model Search?

Sheridan: Well actually my friends told me about it and suggested that I try out for it. They were like “you have to do it!”.

Maddy: Did you want to be a model one day?

Sheridan: I always admired modeling, I love magazines and I’m always looking at pictures. It’s just another form of art. Since I’ve been curvy all my life, modeling just did not seem like an option.

Maddy: Take me back to the model search? How many girls were involved?

Sheridan: It was six girls down from thousands. It was pretty much what we saw on the show.

Maddy: What did you think about the challenges on the Tyra Show?

Sheridan: The challenges were interesting and a little nerve wrecking. I had never been on a photo shoot before. (laughs) They just throw you in there and what made me even more anxious was that we were going to be shooting with Nigel Barker.

Maddy: How was it to shoot with him? It looks like he was very into working with you girls and gave great feedback.

Sheridan: Yeah – he was really great to work with. I think he paid special attention to us because he knew we were begginers.

Maddy: One of your fellow Wilhelmina sisters was also part of the show, Diana Hernandez. How was is working with her?

Sheridan: She was really sweet and I just happened to see her at a casting last week and she came up to me and said “Hi!” and asked how I was doing.  I felt like “Wow, she remembered me!”.  Both her and Whitney were very supoortive during the challenges.

Maddy: Once the show aired and you were signed with Wilhelmina. How has your life changed?

Sheridan: It’s been crazy. There were a lot of people telling me they saw me on the Tyra Show in the hallways. I’m in my last year of High School. I’ve walked into some of my teachers huddled over the computer in their offices looking at the pictures of me online. I’m still getting used to it all.

Maddy: How has it affected the family?

Sheridan: My family has been very supportive. My poor dad, he was like great.. I have a daughter that’s a model and one that’s an actress. The two starving professions. My mom used to be a model so we are all very aware of the type of work that has to be put into it.

Maddy: I know it’s early on, have you booked anything yet and how was the experience?

Sheridan: Yeah – I just got a booking for Macy’s for next week so I’m really excited about that. I just did a TV appearance on the Today Show. I also just tested last week for my book. It was a great experience.

Maddy: Who are your favorite plus size models?

Sheridan: I love Crystal Renn! She’s gorgeous and I read anything that comes out with her in it. I also love Kate Dillon, her pictures were in Vogue this month and I just think she is great. I like Tocarra too she looks like a lot of fun.

Maddy: Before the Tyra Show came out with this wonderful opportunity, had you considered America’s Next Top Model?

Sheridan: I don’t think so. I just could not see myself going out for the show and committing to be on television for that length of time. That show tapes over three months and I think that would have been too intense for me.

Maddy: Watching the show, it seemed like the girls got a little critical? Did they ask you to critique one another or was it in fact a little “catty” back stage?

Sheridan: Yeah, we had to critique other people. We had to say what we thought of each other’s performances. We were pretty much all on the same level so the competition was very real.

Maddy: I have to ask you about the runway. I have to tell you that, it was the craziest runway walks I had ever seen. Did you get any coaching?

Sheridan: They told us to have something completely our own and to do our own signature walk. It was all about being an individual and we had to come up with a character because any runway walk can be plain but standing out would be the key to a better runway walk.

Maddy: If you were not the winner of this Model Search, who would you have been happy to see win?

Sheridan: Caralyn, I think she is really a great model. I think we both acknoledged that we were each others competition.

Maddy: You’re a newly signed model, what advice do you have for aspiring models about being with an agency?

Sheridan: Practice makes perfect. I know they have heard it all but people just tell me to look in the mirror. You have to be at the fashion world and what is going on because this is what its all about. You have to learn your angles; this is something I’m working on. I also realized that you have to have a good personality. I’m really quiet right now because I’m still so new to it but I’m trying to come out of my shell a little more.

For bookings: www.wilhelmina.com

Photography: www.lucaspictures.net

Makeup Artist: www.tarataylor.net

All clothing and jewelry provided by www.forever21.com

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