Emma Meyer – Her Journey From Aspiring Model to Signing With Ford Models

Emma Meyer – Her Journey From Aspiring Model to Signing With Ford Models

Ask any aspiring model and her dream is to be signed with an agency that will nurture her development and aid her in reaching her modeling goals. For Emma, her story is not what most models history is like. After being one of the winner’s of the Torrid House of Curves Model Search she was not sure of where her modeling career would go. Unsure of where her journey would take her she made a trip to NYC for a photo shoot with Lucaspictures.

Luke had such an incredible feeling about her potential he asked me to give her a try for the magazine. He was right, and Emma was fabulous in front of the camera. We are very proud of our March 2010 Beauty Editorial model as she walks towards her new phase of life as a signed Ford Model.

Maddy: Most of us know you as one of the winner’s of the 2009 Torrid Model Search.  Tell me about your experience as a winner and working with Torrid?

Emma: I had entirely too much fun…seriously. I still talk about how great the Torrid staff was to work for, and how amazing the other finalists were. I owe them everything because the experience just opened my eyes to this amazing new world. I know that so much of my take on of it was a result of fantastic people, but I still hold the experience in the highest of regards. Natalie is to this day a great support; and Germaine, Katie and Daron’s work constantly excite me. It was a great introduction…it got me hooked.

Maddy: What did you learn about the modeling industry after working with Torrid?

Emma: The most valuable thing I gained from the House of Dreams competition wasn’t necessarily about the industry, but rather the people that it is comprised of; there is so much that went into that event. So many people were involved and I fell legitimately in love with every single one of them. I just kept saying, “If this is what the modeling world is like, sign me up.” But I was totally joking when I said it. I assumed that I had just been spoiled by an amazing experience and that the real modeling world was different. Then I showed up in Brooklyn on a rainy January day and had the time of my life with you and your AMAZING staff while shooting the beauty editorial for PLUS Model Magazine’s March issue and found myself thinking once again that I’d had entirely too much fun and that it couldn’t possibly be like this for everyone. And then I showed up at Ford and found out that my agents were the greatest people on earth…and now here I am.

So I don’t know what I concretely learned about the industry from the experience. But I certainly learned to appreciate how much work modeling is and how cool it is, to be able to be a part of that collaboration.

Maddy: There are many models trying to follow their dreams into a successful modeling career, tell me about the steps you took after you decided you wanted to pursue modeling.

Emma: I just don’t know if I am a great example…I just feel like it hasn’t been a great deal of work yet. I mean I certainly don’t have one of those stories about being discovered, and well actually I think maybe that is how I have managed to get where I am; I stopped waiting for someone to discover me or to tell me that I should be a model; I just tried it for myself. I mean on a complete whim I sent in pictures to the website and lo and behold they called me to come into the office a week later. I was there for about 10 minutes and the next thing I knew I had a contract in my hand. Things have just kind of happened and I can’t really say how, but what I can tell you is that I am insanely grateful. I really look forward to getting the chance to prove myself.

Maddy: I first met you when you came to shoot with us for our March 2010 Beauty editorial. You are very comfortable in front of the camera. Do you get nervous on shoots? If so, what do you do or tell yourself to bring yourself to a more controlled mindset?

Emma: That was my first shoot, like, ever so I was terrified…and then some, but I also knew from working behind the camera as a photographer that no one benefits from an unfocused or uncomfortable model. I do get nervous, but I also understand that no matter how freaked out I am, once I am in front of the camera my job is to give the all of my focus and energy to the photographer, otherwise I am simply wasting everyone’s time. It can be extremely challenging, but I adore the process that goes into creating a beautiful image, so it hardly ever feels like work. I literally chase the feeling I get from a really good photographer-subject connection; it is what keeps me coming back for more.

Maddy: You are newly signed to Ford Models in Chicago. We are all very excited for you, what are you looking forward to the most?

Emma: If there is anything I am looking forward to, it is the idea that I may have the opportunity ahead of me to take care of the people I love and the causes I really care about. There is so much that I want to do and it would be amazing to have the freedom to do so.

Maddy: Being signed with Ford Models is a dream come true, what designers or retailers would you love to work with?

Emma: I am happy to work for whoever Ford sees fit, but on a personal level, well, I don’t even know where to begin…but I will say that I love me some editorials and I love me some couture. We’ll have to wait and see what the future brings.

Maddy: Your latest test, was absolutely delightful to see. What advice do you have for aspiring models looking to become more fluent in front of the camera?

Emma: Hahahahaha! I am glad you liked it! It means a heck of a lot coming from you. So much of that shoot being a success was the result of Stephanie. She told me right off the bat “Models look the way they do in magazines because the photographers catch them at the right moment, so just keep moving” and it completely changed my approach. Not to mention it made the whole thing so much more fun. I mean how do you think Crystal Renn pulls off those fabulously odd/beautiful/contorted shots? It certainly doesn’t happen on accident. Sister works for it.

Maddy: From aspiring models to signed model; what advice do you have for aspiring models reading your interview today?

Emma: Read, read, read! Utilize this magazine; it really is a great resource. Know what you are getting into and be willing to work for it.  If you have sound reasoning for entering this profession then the difficult stuff will be easier to handle. Also, don’t be afraid to learn from your peers. Every day I am blown away by the awesomeness that is the plus community and so freaking inspired by the people that are a part of it and you totally should be too.

Maddy: Thank you for such a wonderful interview and we wish you much continued success.

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Photos Courtesy of Lucaspictures