Interview With Chastity Garner Author Of The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Style

Interview With Chastity Garner Author Of The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Style

Have you ever seen a deliciously styled curvy girl and wondered how you could put some cute outfits together that accentuate the very best of your curves? Me too! It’s not always that easy to do for women like me, that are on the go 24/7, so I decided to interview the author of The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Style, Chastity Garner,  for some tips. Along the way, I was able to find out a little more about this blogger turned author and why her “Guide” is a must read!

Maddy: Congratulations on your book, The Curvy Girls Guide To Style, tell me about the book and what prompted you to write it?

Chastity: My blog readers did!  I was receiving such a large influx of style based questions that I wanted to create a place where all their questions could be answered.

Maddy: Fashion is ever changing, how can curvy ladies use your book to guide them through fashion rollercoaster’s?

Chastity: My book discusses having great style.  Great style is something that is always in.  In the book I talk about incorporating trends in with your essentials and timeless pieces.  Letting you know it is okay to include the trendy pieces, but that should always remember your core essentials.  Those, generally, wont change.

Maddy: Plus size clothing has come a long way, who are some of your favorite clothing designers or retailers and why?

Chastity: I am a Jibri fan.  My closet is overflowing with pieces from all the collections.  What I found in Jibri was something that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere, which are traffic stopping pieces with impeccable fit.

Maddy: Many plus size women dress in basic colors and are trying not to attract attention to themselves, how does fashion and self confidence go hand in hand?

Chastity: In order to stake your claim in being a fashionista you must have individuality and the guts to display it.  This does not come without confidence and the disregard for what people think you should or should not be wearing.  Self-Confidence is an essential for any woman…plus size or not, fashionista or not.  It allows us to hold our heads up high in whatever pieces that adorn our bodies.

Maddy: The Summer season is coming, what are the new trends for plus size fashionistas?

Chastity: I am definitely a fan of the ethnic glam prints.  A slight deviation from the safari trends of last year.   I think the ethnic glam turns up the notch in sophistication.  I am also becoming a fan of draping, which seems to be popping up now for the curvy girls.  Chic draping for the curvy girl seems to be in an answer from retailers and designers alike that the plus size woman wants high fashion and they want it done to compliment their bodies.  So I am excited to see some very fabulous draping pieces out for the summer.

Maddy: You are an author and blogger, tell us about your blog and what your new followers can expect?

Chastity: The new followers can expect the same great outfit post and clothing reviews.  I think these are essential for my blog because of all the online shopping the plus size woman has to do.  But they can also look forward to some surprises that I will share on the blog at a later date.

Maddy: What sets you apart from all the other bloggers?

Chastity: My niche is style and sophistication.  I am older than a lot of the bloggers now, so a lot of pieces that I incorporate into my wardrobe are investment pieces.  My blog is relatable not only to the younger crowd, but to older crowds as well, because at some point, whether you are young or old you will need to look stylish and sophisticated.  A lot of the bloggers are super trendy and give off a youthful vibe.  And while trends are great I don’t invest in trends and I am to a point now where I don’t want to have to toss a $300 pair of shoes b/c they are not in this season’s trend report.

Maddy: It’s no secret, not every trend is made for “us”. What fashion “must have” should curvy girls stay away from?

Chastity: Because curvy girls come in all shapes in sizes, some things work for some bodies that might not work for others.  I have seen some girls look good in harem pants, minis, and shorts.  So to be honest I think there is no one thing to stay away from, but you should honestly access how the item looks on you.  You know your strengths, so play them up!

Maddy: We all love when bloggers put outfits together to show us their personal style and how us “mortals” can create a similar look, how would you describe your personal style?

Chastity: I consider my personal style very Banana Republic.  I love the classics and the essentials.  I have said many times on my blog that I love staple pieces.  I like to include fun prints and colors, but by all the while still creating clean lines on my body.  Every so often I may included some themed outfits from some of my favorite style mavens, such as, Lucille Ball, Donna Reed, Charlotte (SATC), and Holly Golightly, but I am very much a classic kind of girl.

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