Twitter, Facebook and my inbox were lit on fire last night over the new pictures of Crystal Renn’s photo shoot for the organization, Fashion for Passion. The Ford Models blog proudly displays pictures where she is clearly, the thinnest we have ever seen.

Over the last few month’s the debate over Crystal’s weight, size and overall appearance has been brought up numerous times on blogs, magazines and certainly among ourselves. I know that reports stated, she went hiking and lost some weight but these pictures show her way smaller than I have ever seen her before.

It’s no secret that many of today’s most successful plus size models are not “plus size women”, but where is the line going to be drawn exactly? Size 4, 6….? We’ve seen working plus size models go from size 18 (years ago) to size 10. Are size 6 and 8 models going to be considered plus size models?

I’ve heard from working models that some of our very own retailers are asking for smaller plus size models. We can’t fault the models because its a business and in order for them to work, they have to fit into the clothing. So then, what does it say about these plus size retailers that are selling clothing for “us” but are not willing to use a size 14 model anymore? What is going on?

As the Editor of a magazine that celebrates the plus size industry, it’s my job and pleasure to uplift us all, and celebrate all the wonderful things about it, including the modeling industry, which I adore. I guess I’m feeling a bit confused and insulted at this point. If Crystal Renn is going straight size, then I’m happy for her if that is what she wants to do, but make way for the curvy models that truly represent the plus size woman. That is who we want to see! Look at the uproar over Tara Lynn!!!!

I’m eager to hear your thoughts… If you are a designer or retailer.. please share your thoughts… If Crystal is photo shopped to look this thin, hmmm bad move, if all you do is “kiss up” to people to get what you want – move on, this post is not for you and if you are insulted by my post, let’s agree to disagree. I’m not looking down on Crystal, Ford or anyone else, but this is a discussion that needs to be had and if I’m dead wrong then I need to be enlightened.

Warm Regards,

Madeline Figueroa Jones


PLUS Model Magazine