Greetings friends!

I hope all is well! Please bare with me me as my excitement has me boiling over with glee! I have been selected as a finalist to cover the VIENNA LIFE BALL! OMG!!! So… I need your help now, as the winner is chosen by votes from the public! I am reaching out to you, my network, for your support and votes to allow me the chance to share my voice!

Here is the info on the contest:

On Wednesday we announced a contest to send a reader on an all-expenses-paid trip to Vienna, Austria to cover the Life Ball on July 17th. The event is not only one of the world’s largest AIDS fundraisers, but it’s also a really good time.

The response was great–so great we decided to pick 11 finalists! We then asked each for a video or picture (if they don’t have video capabilities) explaining why he or she should be chosen to cover the event for the Huffington Post. Vote for your pick! Voting ends Wednesday July 7th at noon, and the winner will be announced that day at 2pm.

What I need your help with is keeping my ranking of my entry high! I need 10 out of 10!


Thank you for being a fan and supporter of the blog!
Marie Denee
The Curvy Fashionista