Glorious Beauty – An Interview With Sculptor Adam Schultz

Glorious Beauty – An Interview With Sculptor Adam Schultz

by Jennifer Jonassen

This sculpture takes my breath away. The first time I saw it, I thought, “I need to thank this artist for making me feel beautiful as a larger woman”.  I was fortunate to stumble across this sculpture on-line and knew that I had to share it with you. Adam Schultz has been sculpting for 22 years. His work includes miniatures to monuments and is featured all over America in private and corporate collections. It is my great honor to bring you this interview with creator Adam Schultz.

Jennifer Jonassen: I was incredibly moved when I first saw this sculpture. It is not often that I get to see a body similar in shape to my own being celebrated as beautiful.

Adam Schultz: Thank you! I have been working on what I feel is my most personally gratifying body of work, which I’ve called my ‘Goddess Series’ featuring a line of delightfully abundant figurative nudes. I have always had a passion for the human figure as an art form. I find that one can convey such emotion and meaning in the subtles of form in figurative work. I’ve discovered that unlike some of the other sculptures I’ve created, I’ve been able to connect people on a very profound and personal level with this series.

Jennifer Jonassen: I whole-heartedly agree! What inspired you to create your “Goddess Series?”

Adam Schultz: I’m fascinated and drawn to the wonderful curves and beautiful lines I see in women everywhere, and I’m frequently inspired to try and capture the ‘flavor’ of that beauty in a sculpture or sketch of some kind, in an effort to share what I’m feeling with people. I guess I’m just drawn to the beautiful, curvy, fleshy forms I see in full figured women. The sensual forms and sculptural subtleties of curvy women are so amazingly compelling to me, I just feel like I have to express it somehow.

Jennifer Jonassen: I have to tell you, when I first came across the photo of your Goddess statue covered in raindrops, I cried.

Adam Schultz: I’ve never been so gratified with the connection that this work has made with people. I see people’s expressions changing as they view my sculptures for the first time, and are faced with a beautiful depiction of a subject that they are largely trained to hate.

I’ve shared tears of realization with people, enjoyed laughing celebration with others, and have had many amazing conversations about how advertisers try to brainwash everyone to only consider only one narrow definition of beauty, when obviously there is glorious beauty
everywhere if you are open and real.

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