What I Love About My Curves by Lauren Koenig

What I Love About My Curves by Lauren Koenig

I love my curves, because my curves love me. They follow me wherever I go.

They are with me in the morning and when I go to bed. They are with me in my dreams and they are apart of my past.

My curves have always been there for me; in the darkest of hours and in the brightest of lights.  They are with me when I fall and they keep me up when I sail.

They are in the reflections of his eyes and in the pages of that magazine.

They are smooth and beautiful and they accent my body, wherever they see fit. They are strong and powerful and they help me stand out from the crowd.

There are days that my curves make a pair of jeans mad or irritate that editor…. Or they might not be accepted into that show…but they are MY curves and that’s all I need to know.

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