The Only One That Has To Love My Body Is Me – Our Interview With Stacey Hiett

The Only One That Has To Love My Body Is Me – Our Interview With Stacey Hiett

Tall, blonde and beautiful and only seven month’s into her modeling career,  she has already caught the eye of clients such as Sydney’s Closet, Full Figured Fashion Week and of course PLUS. Who is this striking young lady? Her name is Stacey Hiett, only one half of Team Hiett, as their friends like to call Stacey and her sister Shannon, who is also a plus size model.

In this month’s issue, we feature Stacey in her own editorial and get to know a little more about the “newbie” that has the industry buzzing.

Maddy: I remember last year during Queens Fashion Week, Mia Amber told me there was two sisters I had to meet, and you are one of them. Was Queens Fashion Week your first modeling gig?

Stacey: Queens Fashion Week was my very first New York Runway experience. I had such a good time and learned so much.  Walking down a runway is such a rush of excitement. Plus, it opened a lot of doors for me and essentially got me to where I am today.

Maddy: How did you get started in the modeling industry?

Stacey: It’s quite an interesting story really. I was 14 years old when a modeling recruiter, at a high school football game, approached me and I remember she suggested I should model. Very long story short, it turned out to be a scam but it planted the modeling seed in my head. Six years later, my sister became interested in modeling/acting and would bring me along to different agencies. I essentially was peer pressured into modeling.

Maddy: We have seen you working for various clients. Where will we see you next?

Stacey: I recently did amazing shoots for Sydney’s Closet for their new collection as well as Tru Diva.  For the month of September I get the opportunity to walk in Queens Fashion Week again and Re/Dress Fashion Night Out for Lotis. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more and more of me. : )

Maddy: Your still fairly new to the modeling industry, what have you learned about the modeling industry so far?

Stacey: I’ve only been modeling for just about 7 months in New York City so with everything that has happened in that short amount of time, it feels like I’ve been doing it longer! The one thing I have learned from modeling in general is to never feel discouraged.  This business is all about broken promises and you have to realize that sometimes things fall through but you have to just keep moving on. I have been blessed to meet some amazing people who have coached me and offered me great advice. I’m forever grateful for them.

Maddy: What has been some of the most pleasant things you have experienced since becoming a model?

Stacey: I have yet to meet a mean plus sized model! Seriously, everyone I come across is so gracious and kind. Not only are these women beautiful and talented, but so genuine. I have gained a lot of great friends since being in this business and I cherish that. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some respected figures in this industry. They have nothing but open arms for me. It’s amazing.

Maddy: You and your sister Shannon are both stunning. Have you ever found it hard to have a sister that is in the same industry you are in?

Stacey: Shannon and I are not literally, but figuratively attached at the hip. She is my best friend and biggest supported. When we first started modeling together we made a decision to support each other and not compete against each other. There are, the rare occasions, where we have to remind each other that it’s not personal, and that the client chooses his or her model. But, we’ve done some really great things together such as walking in FFF Week ™ as well as various photo shoots! What better way to spend time at work than to have your sister in the same business with you? At the end of the day I will be first in line to buy whatever magazine she’s in and vice versa.

Maddy: I know you have been considering a few agencies as of late, what advice do you have for models that are entering the business and do not have an agency?

Stacey: If you are serious about modeling, do your research. Look up the agency and make sure they are not a scam. If they are legit, make sure they are the right agency for you. Go with your gut. Show up with a simple headshot and full-length body. No crazy make-up or outfits. Have a friend or family member take the picture. Also, working for free as a new model is okay. It gives you experience and you never know who you will meet along the way. Finally, never let “no” discourage you.

Maddy: At a size 18, and in the current state of the plus size modeling industry, are you concerned you will be passed up for jobs because of your size?

Stacey: Of course I can be passed up because of my size but I can just as easily be passed up because of the color of my hair or my height. It all depends on what the client wants.

Maddy: How do you maintain your positive body image?

Stacey: I surround myself with positive people and positive things. Nothing bugs me more than someone who constantly talks about his or her weight. If you constantly talk about things that you’re not, you’re driving down a dead end road. The only person that needs to love my body is me.

Well-said Stacey. Thank you for your time and we hope to see great things from you for years to come.