Beth Ditto, Plus Industry Icon…

Beth Ditto, Plus Industry Icon…

Beth Ditto, the lead singer for the group, The Gossip, seems to have become an industry Icon to many of her fans. She is bold, edgy and exudes confidence from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Even those that do not listen to her music, but know who she is, read about her and support her efforts as she is constantly being criticized by doctors for trying to normalize obesity. Most recently she walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris Fashion Week.

Beth’s newest collection with Evans is edgy, punk and wearable and has been popping up in numerous blog post. As the plus size woman’s fashion options continue to grow, Beth’s personal collection seems to be one, women are daring to try. Beth represents true freedom and a woman living without barriers. Today’s woman is not hiding behind clothing and no longer lives according to the worlds view of beauty. While most of us admire her, there are those that are appalled and turn their nose when her name is even mentioned.

While the plus size industry seems to be open to women of all sizes, this is not always the case. We still have companies, organizations, retailers and people who do not truly identify with the plus size woman. But I digress, today we celebrate Beth Ditto, a fresh voice for a generation of confident, no nonsense plus size women.


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