(originally printed April 2008)


I just want to know what agencies there are for women weighing 250 and up?  I am 359 and 22, and I see pictures of women who are big like me on the internet as well as magazines and TV.  How do I apply??

Larissa Answers…

I actually have some friends who do what you are talking about. These friends of mine are actresses who do commercials and commercial print. Even when I go to casting calls for ads, like diet drugs, all the people who are called in are over 200 lbs. and all are professional actors.

There is no agency that I know of who caters specifically to people over 250 lbs., but most agencies have divisions that utilize what are called, “Character Actors.” However, there are agencies that are dedicated to talent that has a “Real people” look or novelty characters. Most movie production companies contact these agencies for background work on movie sets. Also, advertisers deal with those types of agencies when they are looking for a commercial campaign.

As I have written before… please research agencies in your area. Look for print, commercial, or talent agencies. Write a cover letter and attach a few snapshots. Find out if these companies ever have open calls to see talent. Take an acting class… you’d be surprised at what you’ll find out about the business! Also, some of the best models I work with are actors or have studied acting. It only makes you better in front of the camera and helps you be comfortable at casting calls (instead of being a nervous wreck). The plus-size models I personally know (that are working all the time in NYC) go out to TV commercial auditions and commercial print casting calls…not just fashion go-sees.


Google commercial agencies in your area and be sure to ask questions before working or signing with the agency.

If your in the NY area, Ugly NY is not for “ugly” people, but rather for the person who is a real person. These are the people you see in commercials and ads. It’s a reputable agency from what we know.

Ugly NY – (212) 725-8459

247 W 38th St, #701, New York, NY 10018  Cross Streets: Between 7th Ave and 8th Ave