I Am Fabulous, Our Interview With Wilbur Pack Jr., Founder of SK Wilbur

I Am Fabulous, Our Interview With Wilbur Pack Jr., Founder of SK Wilbur

by Nikeya Young

Ladies, it looks like we can look forward to more FABULOUS, Curvy Clothing Options in 2011! There’s a new designer on the scene. His name is Wilbur Pack Jr and he recently debuted his collection during New York Fashion Week in September! Learn more about this talented designer and when we can expect to see more of his masterpieces!

NY: Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been a designer?

WP: I have been designing professionally for 12 years. I have NEVER worked for anyone in the fashion industry, simply because I could not get a job.  But I felt that I had an aesthetic that was worthy and could not let a little thing like lack of employment stop me from living my dream.  I have, however, interned for Cynthia Rowley.  At 31 years old, I think I was the oldest intern ever at the company.  But the experience was validating because it let me know that I was on the right track.

NY: You seem to REALLY have a passion for helping curvy ladies look their best:-). What led to your desire to design plus-size clothing?

WP: I come from a family of curvy and empowered women.  My mother, my aunt, my great aunt, my sister, and my cousin are all regal and beautiful women who have encouraged me and supported me.  And I have designed custom fashions for them over the years.  They have always appreciated my craft and worn my pieces proudly. I learned about silhouettes from them and they helped prepare me for this moment.

NY: Where can curvy divas purchase your collection?

WP: At the moment, we are meeting with and pursuing some of the bigger stores that have a “women’s” department.  I am hoping to be able to offer the collection through these channels.  However, my business partners and I are considering options to sell directly to the customer without driving up the prices so that it remains accessible.  And that is quite a feat.  But now, please keep up with us at or visit our website at

NY: Do you have anything special coming out for the holiday season?

WP: The collection that I showed during New York Fashion Week this past September is our first and it is for Spring 2011.  Moving forward we will have 3 collections a year – Fall, Holiday, and Spring.  I am currently designing Fall & Holiday 2011.

It was certainly a pleasure to interview Mr. Pack. We certainly wish him ALL the best in the future!