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Dear readers,

I first want to preface this post by saying,  I admire and love all the models that I have worked with and are currently representing the plus size industry. Without them, there would be no industry to speak about.  I have also been a huge fan of Crystal Renn for a long time and I admire all the work she has done to bring plus models into the main stream media. The reason for this survey, is for PMM to know and to share with our clients what you have to say, since there is so much conflicting information out there about the way plus size women feel about themselves and how they are marketed to.

It seems like every conversation I have with a model, retailer, designer or agent, the topic of “size” always seems to come up.

Ten years ago, plus size models were curvy size 12’s through 18’s and coveted magazine covers, national campaigns and advertisements. In recent years we have seen a drastic change in the size of the plus size model. Plus size models are no longer “plus size”, and as Crystal Renn explains it, they are now PLUS what the size of straight size models are in the straight size industry.

Agencies are pointing the finger at the clients, and the clients are pointing the finger at the agencies, and there has been no clear indication as to why things have changed so drastically. While I love the plus size models we have today, I do feel there is a significant void in the plus size modeling industry. We seem to be asking for the main stream industry to include us as REAL WOMEN, but “real women” also include size 16, 18 and 20’s, but only the smaller models are being considered as models.

Was this the original idea behind plus size models? Should plus size models BE plus size? Does the size of the plus model, matter? Does the size of the model, affect how you shop?

If modeling is about selling and about inspiring a woman to buy a product, can it be true that bigger models are not selling, or are brands just too scared to “LOOK” like a plus size brand? There is only one way for everyone to know, and it’s by voicing your opinion.

As we move forward to another year, we are eager to find out from you, Does Size Matter?

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