Size 8 – Plus Size Model?

Size 8 – Plus Size Model?

I am a size 8/10 and am interested in modeling. Why am I considered plus-size when clearly I don’t wear plus-size clothing?

I recently offended a young girl who is 5’10”, size 10, 20 years old, and pretty as a button. I asked her if she was interested in modeling and she responded back “well, yes, but I’m too heavy right now” and I said “are you crazy? You’re perfect for high fashion plus size”. She responded with tears in her eyes and said “but I’m not fat!”. I, of course had to back pedal and explain that plus-size modeling starts at a size 8 and that plus-size models are actually not fat. Is it crazy that plus size starts at size 8 in the modeling world? YES! Is it fact? YES!

First of all, let’s dispel some notions that just because you are a certain size, you can model. There are thousands of women who are size 2, 5’8″ or taller who never get their foot in the door. Same goes for women who are a size 8 or larger who happen to be 5’8″ or taller. There are certain criteria that go into modeling that people forget about.

Now, before I dig a big ‘ol hole…Yes, I believe if you create your own opportunities almost anyone can model. However, for the more commercial, especially high fashion modeling it really does go back to the basics like height and bone structure.

The industry has become more embracing of diversity; however when you put a small boned size 2 next to a large boned size 10, the size 10 looks bigger. It has nothing to do with being fat or chubby or anything other than being a thicker stock. Designers use women who are built like hangers to show the architecture of their clothing design. Curves get in the way of that flow when it comes to the runway shows. Plus-size models have curves and when you see them in clothing not only are you noticing the clothing, but also the curve of their hips or chest. In the designer’s eyes (who do not design for plus size) they don’t want to detract from the clothing. Simple truth.

So in the industry, which is not the real world we live in, a size 8 or above is considered plus-size. If you look and feel healthy, it will come across. If you are not meant to be anything below a size 6 or 8 because of your bone size, welcome to the amazing and sometimes confusing world of Plus-size Modeling! That’s what PLUS Model Magazine is here for; to make it less confusing!! Embrace those curves or structure you were born to have and rock this new world with it!