Top 12 Plus Modeling Tips for Aspiring Models

Top 12 Plus Modeling Tips for Aspiring Models

PLUS Model Magazines receives hundreds of inquiries per month from aspiring models asking for a break, advice and some, wish for a magic pill on “how to become a model” or take their career to the next level.

We always take a look at your pictures, the information you have sent us, and take it into consideration when responding.

In this months issue, we decided to give you the Top 12 Plus Modeling Tips in an effort to jump start your New Year!

1) Research the industry before committing time and money. Be realistic about the type of modeling you are best suited for.

2) Practice! Practice! Practice! You may want to be a model, but CAN you model? If you only have one facial expression, and feel best with your hands on your hips, it’s best for you to continue practicing and testing.

3) Know the terms… Testing, models bag, hair and makeup ready.

4) Network – sometimes it’s about being at the right place, at the right time. Always look professional at events; you never know who is watching.

5) Look like a model – by this we mean.. take care of the dandruff, skin and nails. Your teeth should not be yellow, or have gold caps. Your hair color should look natural, bright colored highlights are a no-no.  Your nails – natural, not long and curved.  Exercise! Yes, plus size models DO work out.

6) Be conscious about the pictures you put online. Overly sexual pictures should be private and not posted on public social networking sites.

7) Know the types of pictures that are appropriate to send to prospective clients. Pictures with your friends, cell phone, naked or almost nude, license or other forms of government I.D. are not acceptable.

8) When approaching a prospective client, use a general email address. An email address with curses or sexual overtones is not professional.

9) Learn to walk in heels. You should be able to look comfortable in two inch heels.

10) What you status can haunt you… what you write on the internet can scare away prospective clients.

11) Girls love to chat, but gossip is deadly! Appreciate the industry you are trying to get into and keep the negative chatter to a minimum or with friends who are NOT in the industry.

12) Spell Check! Clients, agencies or anyone you are approaching, do not expect you to have perfect grammar, but they do expect you to write in complete sentences and use “spell check”.