One of the greatest gifts of being invited to the Lane Bryant conference last year, was meeting some amazing ladies I had never met before. Kimberly Brinkman, Sarah Barlett and Tina McNeely are three curvy ladies who love fashion and experimenting with looks. Their blogs reach everyone from, the young “coming into her own” woman, to the career woman.

A few weeks ago, I happen to see some tweets between them about doing a blog post together and styling a Lane Bryant striped sweater. I thought it was such a great idea since they all have such amazing style. I commented on Twitter, and next thing you know I was getting an invitation to join them.

The truth is that I really don’t like stripes, and I don’t wear “closed” sweaters, but here I was saying yes and challenging myself to find a way to wear it – and like it! (Fine position I put myself in huh?) I’ve been staying in Staten Island for the past two weeks while my mother’s in Florida, and living out of a suitcase, so my options were limited but I took a trip to the Staten Island Mall to visit my old stomping grounds at Lane Bryant. After speaking to a familiar face who still works there, I started to look over the sweaters, the colors and try to figure out how I could make it happen.

I was drawn to the black and white sweater and thought about  images of female Equestrians. A bun in their hair, wearing black and white, with tight legging- like pants. My thought was to do a modern twist based on this concept.

I kept it simple, a messy bun in my hair turned to the side, Lane Bryant striped sweater with a Lane Bryant collared button down blouse and skinny stretch pants. You can’t really see my shoes that well, but instead of knee length boots, I opted for booties to give it a more modern look.

Check out how Kimberly, Sarah and Tina styled their Lane Bryant sweaters and what their concept was behind the look.


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In the end, my challenge and distaste for stripes was alleviated, because I took my time to think about the look I was going for and was not afraid to go outside my comfort zone. I want to thank these wonderful ladies for inviting me to participate in this fun blog post.

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