Timeless Beauty – Our Interview with Lisa Scott

Timeless Beauty – Our Interview with Lisa Scott

Few models can say they have been plus size models for over 20 years, but plus model Lisa Scott has remained constant in a fickle industry. She’s a wife and mother who found her calling in the plus size industry, and made a long lasting career for herself. If we could choose a career for ourselves, it would be the one that Lisa Scott has led.

Maddy: You have been in the industry for many years, can you take us through the beginning of your career?

Lisa: I actually have been modeling for so long I lost track. I used to go on bookings and if someone asked me how long I have been modeling, I would say 6-7 years. I wouldn’t dare say over a decade. That would make me a dinosaur! Until recently, I was actually embarrassed to tell people how long I have been modeling. When I started I was in my 2nd year of college and was 17; I would tell people I was 19. I went from saying I was older, to knocking off a couple of years later. In actuality is been 22 years more on than off. If I wasn’t sitting in a chair when my mom and I started digging through old magazines, and adding up the years, I would have fell down. It truly has gone by so quickly, and has been so much fun I really wasn’t counting. You know the old saying, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I was able to supplement my income in the slow periods with extra work, fit modeling, commercials etc. Today I’m very proud of all my years, and accomplishments because I know the client liked my work and would request me over and over, not because I was the agencies favorite or friend, a lot of today is about politics.

Maddy: At what point did your career change, from aspiring model, to working model?

Lisa: My first big break came after a year of castings only and back then they were plentiful, booked a catalog, JMS commercial and Essence in a 2 week span. Every “NO” turned into a “YES”.

Maddy: What are some of the most memorable jobs throughout your career?

Lisa: Being in Essence Magazine 11 times was a huge accomplishment for a plus size model, and actually being the featured editorial.  Also working and traveling to some pretty exotic locations with some of the best models, I always like working with other models. I have been on a cruise with Natalie Laughlin, Angellika and Christine Alt; that was ridiculously fun. I have been to Mexico, Jamaica, St James and Greece.  A more personal accomplishment for me was working with Star Jones for several years as her stand in, and photo double, on her payless commercials. Star gets treated like a STAR and the sets were amazing and the food was outrageously good. It was like luxuriating at a posh hotel, I couldn’t wait to get there. Star Jones was amazing to watch being shot because she would nail those lines in a few takes. She was really my inspiration for wanting to do more commercials.

Maddy: There have been many changes in the plus size industry, what are your thoughts about where the plus size modeling industry is today?

Lisa: Again I see the growth as far as quality, but the quantity is still the same or much less to me for today’s plus models The most work is only for the same 5 top models. I don’t see all these beautiful women in this industry being given the chance to shine on a campaign because they don’t have the “it name”. Yet their beauty, and work is equal, if not more superior. I’m so glad I started when I did because it used to be about going on the casting, and showing your portfolio and the client finding the right girl to fit the story or campaign. Now it’s about making the same girl fit all the needs, even if she is not right. Something about seeing a very edgy editorial girl in a catalog doesn’t look right. It used to be use the girl next door with the natural universal look.

Maddy: What are you working on next?

Lisa: I’m presently working on my son’s cookbook.  It was important for me to do all the photography myself. I didn’t like the way some cookbooks showed food all shiny and plastic looking and I wanted it to be natural and real. His book was due out 4th quarter but he keeps adding on another recipe because he wants the kids to like his book. This is another chapter in my life that has been so much fun time has shot by so quickly.

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