Packing for a trip is always a bit of a challenge for me, especially when I’m going from one temperature zone to another, so when I was packing for my trip to Las Vegas I decided this would be the right time to sport a new look.

Many times, the cutest shoes I own will be summer shoes, and putting them away for winter is just such a drag, so when I saw this new trend popping up in all the magazines and blogs, I was excited! Tights with sandals!

Little did I know wearing sandals and tights would cause such a stir on the City Chic Facebook page. Overnight there were quiet a few messages from people who loved it and hated it. I felt just fine, and love the look myself, because fashion is for everyone not just for models on the catwalk.

Is this a personal Do or Don’t for you?

Dress: City Chic

Cardigan, shoes and tights: Lane Bryant

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