Ashley Stewart, Bringing Style and Value To The Full Figured Woman

Ashley Stewart, Bringing Style and Value To The Full Figured Woman

I’ve had a personal relationship with Ashley Stewart since my late teens. I remember running from Staten Island to the Fulton Street/Brooklyn store just to find some edgy, young clothing that I could wear to clubs, parties and church. It was the store where we could find clothing for all my most important occasions. Every time the manager or sales associates would see me walk in with my sisters they would say, “here come the Staten Island girls – how long did it take you this time?”. I made the trip because the clothing fit well, it was affordable and it looked super cute on me, and that was worth the ferry ride and train into Brooklyn.

Now so many years later, my relationship with Ashley Stewart has developed into something deeper, I now see and know things that I never knew as a customer. The drive and determination to continue to relate to their customer is now something I have become a part of, and I’m so honored to be able to bring that information to you.

Working with Ashley Stewart has always been such a blast for me, they are not ashamed to clothe these curves and that is a brand I can stand behind.

Maddy: New Year, New Ashley Stewart – tell me about the new exciting things happening at Ashley Stewart.

Ashley Stewart: Social media has taken on a whole new meaning. We are really listening to our customers both in stores and online and reacting immediately. is an inspiring community of fabulous, trend-savvy women and a really fun place to hang out. We have 33,000 fans and each one of them has a voice and an opinion that matters. In addition to Facebook, we also have a wonderful new creative brand direction in our marketing that you will start seeing on line and in stores. Along with the new look for Ashley, continues to be our commitment to offering uncompromising style, flattering fit and consistently exceptional value for the full-figured woman.

Maddy: The new Spring Collection features a lot of color, can you tell us about those key items that we should be looking out for?

Ashley Stewart: We are thrilled to show off our dress selection for the season which covers all the latest trends including maxi dresses, wraps dresses and tube dresses.  Our entire assortment including jewelry, handbags and intimates will be filled with bright colors with dramatic attention to detail. They are really show-stoppers!

Maddy: Ashley Stewart has a new look – can you tell us about the re-branding?

Ashley Stewart: You will be seeing even more newness for Mother’s Day. We will be incorporating a new photographer – a woman – whose shots express an uplifting energy and aspirational style. We are also revitalizing our website and it looks truly amazing.  It even has facebook integration where our online shoppers can share their favorite styles with their friends. It’s very cool.

Maddy: You recently joined forces with PMM and Chenese Lewis for the first Coast to Coast Curves Model Search – what can you tell us about future projects that will connect you with your customer?

Ashley Stewart: Coast to Coast Curves was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for Ashley Stewart in collaboration with PMM and Chenese Lewis. This event lead us to our sponsorship of PMM as well as the ability to offer 2 aspiring models a shot at their dreams. In addition, we met 100’s of women on the ground in LA and NY who gave us insight and tons of great ideas to better ourselves and the brand. We are hoping to participate in Full Figured Fashion Week in NY in June and we are contemplating where next to bring “Coast to Coast Curves Model Search”. Everyone should go to to see our plans as they get confirmed.

Maddy: What can we look forward to this Summer from Ashley Stewart?

Ashley Stewart: Look for our fabulous dress and linen promotions in time for Easter and Mother’s Day! You will be guaranteed amazing style And great value. Mother’s Day also will bring some surprise promotions in blouses and a special, meaningful gift with purchase.

Our crops and shorts will be featured front and center along with our sharkbite knits with bling and hot colors. Brand new to us will be nail polish and lip gloss which we will be selling on a promotion—very exciting!

Also, we are opening a brand new store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn in mid April. We are so excited about our new store design concept and you’ll be able to see all the photography from our grand opening celebration for yourselves online in April.