Although the United States recession is no longer making headlines, the economy is still not where it was before it began to take a nose dive. Plus size clothing always seems to be a little pricey because of the use of fabric, yet we still have brands like Just My Size and Miss Tina offering bargain prices to the masses through Walmart/Walmart online and of course Forever 21+ who seems to keep their prices very low and market to the plus size junior market.

The topic of price is always something people speak with us about and I would love to know where you stand as a plus size consumer.

1) Do you only bargain shop?

2) What is your ideal price range for tops, pants and dresses?

3) Do you only shop online or in-store and online?

4) Do you like shopping at Boutiques, for better bargains on specialty items?

5) Would you pay above your range, for a good fitting and well made garment?

5) Do you shop overseas for plus size clothing you feel you can’t find in the US?

6) What brands do you shop the most and why?

7) What comments do you wish brands, designers and boutique’s to know about your shopping experience and what you are looking for?


Thank you for your time 🙂