Every season, we are bombarded left, right and centre with fabulous new trends straight off the runways. It can sometimes be overwhelming and intimidating to take the plunge and incorporate them into our existing wardrobes. Last fall we experienced the military trend in full force, and for the current spring and summer seasons it has definitely resurfaced in a major way and in fresh new styles and silhouettes.

The key to wearing any current fashion trend is to choose silhouettes within that trend that are flattering to your body type, and pieces that speak to your personal style aesthetic. Not every piece is right for everyone, and integrating them into your wardrobe does not necessarily mean creating an entire head-to-toe look, but instead, choosing items with colors and details that speak to those trends. This is a fabulous way to stay on point with fashion without overdoing it or compromising your personal style. Wear the trend; do not let the trend wear you!

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