Shapeez: Shapewear That Makes You Feel As Good As You Look

Shapeez: Shapewear That Makes You Feel As Good As You Look

Shapewear is all the rage these days. More and more women- and even men – are using shapewear to look thinner and create a sleeker profile.  But what if your shapewear can offer health benefits such as back pain relief, posture enhancement and abdominal support for women with abdominal muscle tears from pregnancy?

The result is a revolutionary all-in-one bra and body shaper brand called Shapeez that fuses function with fashion to forge a new generation in women’s underwear, delivering a stylish look with healthy-body benefits and visible cosmetic improvements.

“Shapewear for women has come a long way,” says Staci Berner Creator of the Unbelievabra by Shapeez.  “There was a time when bras and body shapers were one of those topics that women typically prefer to keep private, undercover so to speak.  But today’s women expect a great deal from their shapewear garments.”

Many women who use shapewear do so to look thinner and to reduce self-consciousness about excess weight; however the added health benefits of posture correction and back pain alleviation can do a great deal to help overall health, confidence and appearance.  With this in mind, Shapeez is pleased to announce the Shapeez Health Distribution Program. This program is offered to health care professionals whose patients would benefit from wearing Shapeez garments.

“Shapeez is everything that I have been telling my patients to buy for the past eighteen years and I just didn’t know it existed,” says Dr. Bret Staley, a Chiropractic Physician and charter member of the Shapeez Health Distribution Program.  Dr. Staley explains that he has always suggested his female patients wear a posture bra-sports bra, while not endorsing any specific brand.   “A regular bra puts all of the weight of your breasts on thin shoulder straps and a 1-2 inch back band. This puts too much stress on your shoulders and one or maybe two of your thoracic vertebra, commonly causing neck and middle back pain.”  According to Dr. Staley, “most sports bras available compresses the breasts and are mainly made from non-breathable nylon/spandex – an unpopular and uncomfortable alternative for a majority of my patients.”

‘Standing Tall’ with Shapeez

Shapeez is a breakthrough in garment technology.  Made from the company’s patented ‘smooth-back’ design (no back bands or closures), it is constructed with breathable cool-tex lycra which allows it to cling to your body and compress trouble areas for a slimmer silhouette, lending itself naturally to posture correction.  The compression from the elastic encourages you to stand straighter and more confidently, with your back straighter and firmer. This improvement in posture while standing, walking and even sitting can help reduce strain on the back and shoulders, particularly for those who sit for extended periods.