Mia Amber Davis’ Sudden Death Leaves Many Stunned and Searching for Answers- Official Media Release

Mia Amber Davis’ Sudden Death Leaves Many Stunned and Searching for Answers- Official Media Release

During the last 72 hours, many reports, articles, and segments have hit the media regarding the death of Plus Model, Actor and Activist Mia Amber Davis. As her publicist, it has taken so long to release an official statement as not only did I lose my client, but I as well lost my friend – my role model.

Mia Amber passed away on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles, CA. After experiencing issues with her knee, Mia underwent surgery Monday in LA to remove small tumors from her left knee. Hours immediately after her surgery, Mia felt sore, but was hopeful about her recovery.However, the next day she experienced a stint of dizziness and was rushed to the emergency room. Upon reaching the emergency room, the unimaginable happened when Mia lost consciousness and the doctors were not able to revive her. Mia died at age 36, survived her husband Michael Yard, mother Ida Davis and a host of family and friends.

Although a person from the coroner’s office initially suggested Mia’s death may have been caused by a blood clot related to her surgery, we are currently waiting for the autopsy report to learn the official cause of her death. Yet, this information still does not heal the wounds or answer the many questions surrounding her sudden, tragic, and untimely passing. Moreover, the fact that her family is just now finding out how common it is for an instance like this to occur from arthroscopic surgery, is not only devastating, but heart-breaking. Mia was in Los Angeles producing the television show Divorce Court, while simultaneously preparing for her big come back into the industry. Now, not only is Mia’s family left without a wife, daughter, cousin, and niece, but the masses are now left without the friend, co-worker, and a role model that they cherished and adored.

Mia’s last tweet about herself read, “Excited about the future!” This is so distressing, because Mia was someone who always had her eyes set on her goals and worked endlessly to make her dreams come true, as she felt it was her duty to do the work she did in representing the Plus- Size community. In one of my last meetings with her, my business partner and I were talking about her accomplishments and discussing our next steps in taking Mia’s career to the next level, when Mia said, “Really, what have I done? I haven’t done anything.” Nonetheless, these are the words that I keep hearing over and over in my head every time I read an article, see her on TV, or a new post, picture, or video alert pops up on my phone from Facebook and Twitter. Mia had so much more to do, and despite all she has done as a model, producer, writer, editor,activist and stylist, she was still so very modest and felt like she had so much more to do – so much left to offer the world. Now, all we can do is pray that she is walking on Heaven’s Runway and she can see that the question isn’t “What have I done?”, as it seems to be clear that Mia made a bigger impact on us all than we could have ever began to imagine.

On behalf of Mia’s family, words cannot explain the pain that we are all experiencing from her death. However, Mia’s husband, her family, friends and colleagues are all overwhelmed and grateful for the support and love that has been shown to them and Mia’s memory, and would like to express their sincere thanks for your kind words as her loss is mourned.

Most importantly, it is because of her fans that we can find the strength to carry on. It is because of you that we can see the immeasurable impact that Mia’s work has had not only on the Plus-Size Community, but the world. Mia’s death will not be in vain, and now it is our job as her family, friends and colleagues to ensure that Mia’s legacy will live on forever.

The family is currently preparing to transport Mia’s body home to New York, where the funeral will be held. More details will be forthcoming regarding the funeral service as a date and time have not yet been set.