As we all know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I figured what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day, than to speak with Plus Model Supermoms! Motherhood is something that has been on my mind lately (perhaps because EVERYBODY keeps asking me when the hubby and I are having kids). I’ve been married for a little over two years now, and I’m 30, so I should probably get started on some munchkins in the near future.


The prospect of having kids is both VERY exciting and a wee bit scary! I have a LOT going on right now with trying to get my Plus Modeling career off the ground, as well as working on an album, a movie, fashion shows and etc.! There have been quite a few people who have offered their unsolicited comments about what will happen to my entertainment career once I have kids. Some have said “Oh, once you have kids, you can say goodbye to all of that!” Haters!


This article is for all of you aspiring models out there who may be wondering “Is it possible to be an awesome mom and still model, or will I have to hang up my stilettos for good once I have kids?”

Listen to these industry pros as they talk about managing modeling and motherhood:

Niemah Haskin

Freelance Model

Married; Mother of 2 Children


NY: How long have you been modeling?


NH: I’ve been in the industry for 3yrs and I’ve modeled for about 1 and a half. I started with the Plus Academy NY.


NY: Are you signed to an agency? If so, which one?


NH: I’m not currently signed to an agency but I am in the process of setting up some test shoots to go to open calls.


NY: What has been your biggest challenge with balancing family and a budding modeling career?


NH: The greatest challenge is thinking of myself. Since I had my second child I’ve had to start over again: Getting back into heels, getting in shape, and feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately at the gym, working on my walk, and in front of the mirror doing facial expressions. I’m not used to spending all this time on me. It’s usually about everyone else. Most moms have that problem. We take care of everyone else except ourselves. When you’re modeling or trying to break into the industry it’s important to take the time and work on yourself.  Luckily I have an understanding and supportive husband. Otherwise I really couldn’t see myself doing it.


NY: What are your long term goals for your modeling career? Is your family supportive of you?


NH: Ultimately I would like to sign with an agency. I’ve noticed in the industry there aren’t too many models working consistently. So I would be happy and grateful for steady work in fit, runway, or print. My family is very supportive. If I need help with the kids they are there. I am very blessed when it come to my family and friends.


NY: What advice would you give to aspiring models who also have children, husbands and etc.?


NH: The best advice that I can give is to have a schedule. Sit down with your partner and plan to set aside time for you to work on your modeling career. This way your partner knows to be available, communication is key. Also you have to really want this. Otherwise all the challenges you will face will stop you from achieving your dream. Don’t give up just because it gets hard.

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