Name: Meet Joharetha van Aardt, Our PLUS Spotlight Model

Resides In: Brits, South Africa

Stats: Height: 5″8/Size:14

Online portfolio:


Tiffany: When did you decide you wanted to be a plus model?

Joharetha: I’ve been a model since the day that I could walk (down homemade runways in our living room). Amateur model for most of my life, but professional when it came to attitude, dress up parties and just playing around with makeup in front of my mirror.  I’ve only recently decided to pursue a professional career in modelling.  Alongside playing model I had a microphone in my hand and as a singer I love to perform and entertain.  The spotlight is my beloved home. Being seen and heard is my goal in this industry.

Tiffany: Who are your favourite curvy role models?

Joharetha: In South Africa we are not very familiar with plus models, you just see them on posters and in clothing stores like Yvonne Hains (model for Donna Claire). There are a few like Barbara Brickner, Natalie Wakeling, Charlotte Coyle, and Crystal Renn, which are gorgeous woman. But I must say my favourite is Mia Tyler.  She is exceptionally beautiful and interesting, not only is she a plus size model but she’s an actress as well!  Mia can pull off any outfit, any color, and numerous styles. I wish I could meet her. She was really born to be seen, definitely a picture perfect woman and plus model.  By only looking at her pictures you can see that she is passionate about life and what she does. Mia Tyler is definitely my number one curvy role model!

Tiffany: If you could pick the perfect plus modelling campaign for yourself, who would you want to work for?

Joharetha: Well my dream would be to work with Wilhelmina; they are one of the most prominent international agencies for entertainment and modelling.   If I get signed at Wilhelmina only heaven would be a promotion.

Tiffany: What is the industry like in South Africa?

Joharetha: Very competitive. The plus industry is still very young in South Africa so the options are very limited. In the smaller towns very few people even know that there is a plus size industry.  As an aspiring model it is very difficult to find your ways and means and its baby steps all the way.

Tiffany: Finish this sentence.  The plus industry is:

Joharetha: In my country it is a bit difficult. Seeing that our seasons differ with 6 months I always try and find the latest fashion and it is extremely difficult, reason being fashion is always 6 months late so I end up looking ‘weird’ because of the fashion delay.

Tiffany: What can we look forward to you doing in 2011?

Joharetha: Hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities for me as plus model and also pursuing my career as a singer and entertainer, and that I will keep working harder to make it in this industry. Other than that I will keep myself motivated and positive and as always be on the lookout for the latest fashion.

Tiffany: What are your dreams, desires and goals as a plus model?

Joharetha: To inspire the young plus size girls that being voluptuous and curvy can be sexy and that you don’t need to be a size 8 to be beautiful and comfortable in your own body. My dream is that the endless windows of opportunity will be in favour of me being a successful and sought after plus model.  Thrive, Embrace and Flaunt.

Tiffany: Name your favourite store to shop for curvy clothes in your hometown…

Joharetha: Because I’m a very open minded shopper, I don’t necessarily stick to brands. I love to mix and match my clothes until I find the perfect fashion statement for the day. But when I want to spoil myself I like to shop at Zoot, Stuttaford’s, Queen’s Park and Milady’s for stylish clothes. And for a bit more casual but fashionable looks I prefer Jay Jays or YDI (Young Designers Emporium).

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