Monif C. Remembers Mia Amber Davis

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Monif C. Remembers Mia Amber Davis

It is really difficult for me to summate what Mia meant to me because she meant so much. She was a friend, a confidant, and the face of Monif C. Mia and I were partners in that she brought my vision to life like no one else could and in many ways our work together means we are forever linked. Where ever I go, people always tell me, you know that model on your website, she is stunning…or I buy anything Mia models…or it feels so good to see a woman that looks like me modeling your clothes. And she would tell me she couldn’t go anywhere without someone recognizing her as “the Monif C. model”.

I believe though that everything in life happens for a reason and there was definitely a larger plan at work in our relationship. Women worldwide looked at Mia’s pictures as their battle cry to feel more confident. A real tribute to who she was is seeing the numerous Facebook pages, blogs, websites, many of them even from overseas, that feature pictures of Mia in Monif C. clothes. That tells me that what Mia and I did together was much more than just modeling or selling clothes but about creating something for women that look like us to step out of their comfort zones and feel good about themselves. Knowing Mia’s genuine love and compassion for others, it was absolutely natural that is what her life’s work became. It only makes sense that she will forever be a symbol of what it is to use your life to help and uplift others. I can only hope we will all be inspired to continue her legacy.

Mia, I love you….until we meet again…