Remembering Mia… by Gwen DeVoe

Remembering Mia… by Gwen DeVoe

I will never forget receiving that first email from Mia in the Spring of 2002.  She wrote:

“Ms. DeVoe, I’ve been conducting a lot of online research about the plus modeling industry and all roads lead to you.  I would love to meet with you sometime soon to discuss a career in plus modeling.”  – Mia Amber Davis

Later that evening I met her at the Ricki Lake Studios where she was working as a producer.  Despite the phone still ringing off the hook at 8:30 PM, we managed to briefly discuss her desire to be a plus model and even chuckled at her use of  her SAG (Screen Actors Guild) head shot (pictured here) to try to get modeling gigs.

That evening was significant for me because I knew in my heart that this young woman was going to succeed in the industry.  Yes, she was beautiful on the outside but I could tell immediately that she was also beautiful on the inside and that she was a consummate professional.

For several years after our initial meeting, we worked together with other up and coming plus models living and promoting “the vision” at numerous local fashion shows and traveling with Dangerous Curves…the Tour, a plus size fashion tour that  I created and produced.  Mia was our cheerleader on and off the road and always had something positive to say about every situation (and we frequently got ourselves in a lot of “situations”).  She used to tease me about my love of “club” music to which I always replied, “No Mia, it’s House music, not Club music!”.

I will sincerely miss Mia’s drive, her professionalism, her creativity, her kindness, her friendship, and her genuine love for our industry.  Indeed, she was our undisputed Plus Size Super Model.

Rest in peace, Mia.

Gwen DeVoe
Creator and Executive Producer
Full Figured Fashion Week